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Users should enter into cash as opposed to digital documents being protected by a special regulator, saying two influential groups.

Group of users What? and the Small Business Federation of ATMs and the risk of closing a bank machine to " pay off in shops.

Hundreds of cash tools have closed in the last few months, with a potential impact on High Street, they will be added.

The UK-based ATM network is responsible for announcing additional subsidies.

Last month, Link said that he was raising his / her fee to pay cash tools jobs to keep remote free remote devices available.

Cash v digital

In recent years, most of the banks have announced plans to reduce the numbers of a branch and, as a result, the ATM is connected.

Data checked by Which? It has been suggested that around 488 ATMs were damaged a month in the last six months of 2018, about half of them were free.

He also had a particular concern about the dejective tools they were named in remote areas. He said 102 were closed last year.

Subsidies aim to keep these protection devices open. Connect said that a new platform would be introduced in April, which would pay up to £ 2.75 to take off to encourage activists to keep dangerous devices free of charge.

It will be offered to around 3,500 free-to-use ATMs that are currently 1km or more away from the cheapest ATM free, with between 50 and 100 eligible for £ 2.75. At this time, maximum subsidized ATM operators can get up to 30p through a Link financial inclusive program.

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But what? he said that a special ruler was needed, and he has asked the government to appoint a woman.

"We are seriously concerned that the huge amount of cash tools and bank-makers can block up people who are fighting up to get into the money they are to suffer, "said Jenni Allen, from Which?

"A contract is also very important when digital payments become better, so the government needs to set a regulator to monitor these changes and ensure that there is no one left and & # 39; strive to find out about their daily life. "

A recent report has suggested that the UK has a potential risk of becoming a cash-free monetary company, due to the fact that eight million people were needed as bank and medal notes.

A lobby group for small companies said that ATM and bank closure were the other beat for the High Street attached to it.

Mike Cherry, the national chairman of the Small Business Federation, said: "There are millions of small companies who want to pay with notes and medals. Customers have a lot of sales. often use money or want to see access being maintained.

"Bank banks and silver tools create natural attraction for high streets and urban centers. They give reasons for visitors to visit, which means increasing comparison and as a result, it has resulted in more sales of small businesses around.

"With our increasingly sustained cash infrastructure, it is the responsibility of a regulator to provide a clear responsibility for protecting access to pounds and medals. We usually cause a risk to move to the environment without money that we are not ready for yet. "

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