Call Grant for Culture in Bratislava is open for 2019


The Bratislavensis Ars Culture Support Program focuses on & # 39; supporting arts and cultural events in Bratislava and activities that promote Bratislava in the Slovak Republic and abroad. It was created based on the Resolution of the Council of the Municipal Council of the Slovak Republic of Bratislava gun. 200/2003 of 16.11.2003. In 2018, Bratislava Town, supported by Ars Bratislavalavensis, supported 320 projects in total, 330,000. iour.

The announcement for the Ars Bratislavensis award program for 2019 is published on its website: and also on the official board:

last The date for submission of applications to the city is 31 December, 2018.

The terms of grant are set by the Royal Bivalvia Republic of the Supreme Capital Program of Assistance Program in support of the Bratislavensis Ars culture. Applications must be delivered in one copy to the following address: Bratislava Town Headquarters, Department of Culture, Education, Sport and Youth, Primaciální námestie 1, 814 99 Bratislava (on & 39; envelope, mark the "Ars Bratislavensis" in the bottom left corner) at the same time as an e-mail without completing the format .docx [email protected].

The applicant must deliver a full demand to the main city by the date. The results of the grant procedures will be published following agreement from the Songs of the Grant Commission with a Chief Executive; Town at the headquarters of their home office.

In one monthly year, the applicant can grant a grant to support three highest requests, projects. The maximum amount of contribution to one applicant is monthly for each EUR 10 000 application in the collection.

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