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(ND & D) – Late in the autumn – early in the winter, the air started cold. The heat belts were warming up. Those who have been living in Hanoi for a long time have been going to & # 39; Seeing all the cuckoo, the winter has come.

By the end of November, on the streets in Hanoi there is a full capital of pictures. The very pure color of scattered flowers stretches on the streets, and making Hanoi appealing quiet, peaceful, indoor tourists inside and out of the countryside.

Cucumbers will grow from May to June each year, but they only drag for a year, every season does not; lasting only about 3 weeks, so it's a good time to save the pictures with beautiful flowers. Here.

From the beginning of its winter to the east as recent days, flour has a sudden blow; illuminating the corner of the street – white-colored flowers named: Coke me.

The kitchen garden is divided into small and long beds to help with irrigation and care. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
Visit the Nhat Tan flower garden at the bottom of the Long Bien Bridge on this winter, you will have hundreds of thousands of pigeons to see the pets. Over 20 years ago, Nhat Tan's flower town has put this flower. In this place, depressed flowers are placed in the bed, close together and stretched, drawing a romantic, and a romantic picture; encourage people. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
Nhat Tan residents often use a cucumber in two ways: between translation between planting strategies and beds for appropriate care. To build the flowers, the people started carrying a luncheon calendar; April and after 6 months the flowers cause. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
In the middle of November, the years began to grow warm. The people get flowers early in the early years, folded in a small folder and selling them on the streets. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
The price of the flowers sold in the garden is between 80 and 120,000 VND / group, depending on the beauty of flowers. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
As well as selling it, owners of gardens also have a & # 39; take advantage of the visitors to photograph the official days. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
The wonder has been a sign of the weather in Hanoi when it started cold. From the flowery gardens in Nhat Tan, Tay Tuu … the bed is very beautiful, lively back to the flowers that flow around the road, the street. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
Streets of capital such as Hoang Dieu, Phan Dinh Phung, Dien Bien Phu, Giang Vo, Ba Trieu, Thanh Nien and Nguyen Chi Thanh are easily accessible. from the early morning to the end of the night. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
Old bicycles are filled with small white flowers, sometimes hot wind passes, like winter in Hanoi. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
Flowers on the streets of the town became a sign of his & her; capital city. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
The icons of white flowers are familiar throughout the street. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
Whatever the saddle behind the saddle, or the bundle of young women who walk around, is one way or another, the real white wine still exists in Hanoi. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
This street saw much of yourself to properly fit on it; pillin. Let's see someone with several roses to take her home. And all of them were to look at her; carriage full of paintersSouth Westerly Photograph: Bao Anh Dang

There is a story that a woman and a child were very ill to stay in a small house in the past, The mother works hard to raise children and their son's daughter. One day the mother was very ill, and her son went to a temple for a prayer for her mother. I had the petition to talk to heaven and earth, talk to Buddha.

The Buddha changed himself as a monk who gave his son a flower and asked him to take a flower out of her every year, which he has done. mean five years later the flower will come out and the man I have to leave. Grace your mother, you will throw their pedals into dozens of wings, so the mother and his son will live long together.

Later on, the flowers that the Buddha gave to the child were known to chat. So, to this day, chuckoo is a simpler of filial grief, problem-solving fitness, as well as a symbol of survival.

Many rural and rural tourists have considered the beautiful flower called "street call". Photograph: Bao Anh Dang
It would not be too bad to say that a cuteg is a special gift Hanoi has for those who come here every winter. Photograph: Bao Anh Dang

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