Call of Duty has a very popular method of reaching Fortnite


According to the results, a new method known to Call of Duty fans is familiar with Fortnite.

On the Royal Battle of the Epic Games, it is common for a community to know about the changes to the & # 39; future game, such as an official descriptive of Regiment 8 that was demolished for example.

It is a new method of today that should quickly come to its presence. which is sunk, a means of Call of Duty and FPS fans to know well: the gun game or the army game.

This is a small, well-known community-based information that has been displayed with its web-based files on Twitter, and & # 39; show that the way to come up is that it's a "Gun Game". the file, a cannon game in French.

"Army game"
"Split to make your way through the weapons to the end.

If you do not know, this method is to kill their neighbors to win weapons. With all losses, you will end up with a much more powerful device than the ones that were; Previously, and here, to the end.

Epic Games did not give any information about the distribution of the way, but we can expect to be able to; What's happening in renewal, why Season 8 does not improve for a short time.

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