Call the Casa Rosada to abolish Carrio accidentally


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The liberator was the direct and ineffective message anger of Casa Rosada that gave him one of the co-workers; closest. "The President asks whether or not the law is to fund the campaigns in these amazing sessions, he wants the law by the voters of his or her Civil Partnership or from without, "he was sent out.

Elisa Carrió

She strongly agreed: how the government did; giving her out more than she could carry.

"I am going to vote against the contribution of companies to political parties, according to the historical teaching of the ARI CC because this allows to maintain independence to protect the people," he attacked on the previous day.
in your account. "I do not understand what the President says, I support the one that we said 25 years ago," he said.

Not only did the idea of ​​Carrio out an internal storm in Cambiemos, also threatens the same law; The President specifically asked for non-ordinary Congress sessions. In addition to the project on election funding, Carrió informed him that he will not support the project that has been opposing the penalties against Barrabravas. It is uncertain, if not important, what happens within its regulatory partnership: the challenge is not now; which influences the Power Executive projects; Those who are responsible are the partners of the governing alliance. Not only Carrió; Also, the radigraphers, have a lot of difficulty, others on both campaigns.

The discomfort within the interchangeable exchange is easy. "This time Lilita went over the edge", they are quiz in the # 39; macrismo. It may have been uncomfortable, the head of the Civil Partnership decided to hold the bankruptcy yesterday in the preparatory session in which he was appointed

Emilio Monzó

as president of the Representative Chamber for his fourth quarter after that. He tried to express, diligently, when he was in one of the parasites; him
saying that he was a "political thread". "The political thread is based on the confidence to get the contracts, the laws to bring the country forward, it is not done online, it is not done by the networks but in personal way ", he stressed.

Carrio de Twitter made the platform that he launched for judges to the Government. Here he is questioning, and hard, the Minister for Security

Patricia Bullrich

and controversial
a firearm use protocol with the security forces. "He undermines basic human rights," he said. "A minister's hand went out," he said.

In Carriage walks they try to correct their ideas. "It's a very tough case (the firearm use protocol.) Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Security was asked to discuss it, but its last meeting was not", a member of the Civil Partnership. Following a G-20 meeting, the government is implementing its & # 39; This protocol without having to contact us in advance. Patricia (Bullrich) seems to have been preserved by the success of her. Summit on security issues and have been transmitted. "

Ministerial ideas did not fall well in his / her; Civil Partnership or its director. A question of pride for Macri's recommendation; abandon Bullrich and rule? That is the interpretation that some Cambiemos leaders make up of Carrió by Bullrich's discomfort. In the Civil Partnership, on the other hand, there is another reading. "Lilita knows well about Patricia, they were relatives in the game and she knows she is making mistakes and troubleshooting, when she's a # 39 , getting up too high and feeling that she is having problems, when Carrió attempts to reduce her depute head.

This was not the same sadness that Carrio had against the Bullrich Minister; by refusing to & # 39; the Barrabravas project, the leader of the Civil Partnership has regard to one of the projects that he likes to; Minister for Security. The saga of disagreement between both came long ago. Month ago, without going on, Carrió questioned the effectiveness of drug capture carried out in the Department of Security Ministry. "It went down a bit (drug trafficking), because the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, has different views because I believe that areas of force are eliminating drugs: they "To find drugs to find, but the business continues," he said. Carried in statements to La Nacion +.

The president of the Civil Partnership is aware of the impact of his & her; their case. In an attempt to deceive the effects, he traveled to his environment, his intention is to break a mutual communion. And this will work in the election campaign next year. The problem is that the patience of his friends and their peers is reach the border.

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