Call the NLB Croats while at the same time attending their departments


New Ljubljanska banka (NLB) new owners include two Cròiteach pension assets.

Two property management, PBZ CO and Erste Plavi Friday revealed that they purchased more than 44 million euro of NLB shares in public sales. By now, they became an owner of 4.32% of our largest bank:

  • The Erste Blue Property has a 2.75% stake in NLB through a reliable account opened by Splitska banka,
  • PBZ CO, through the account to Addiko Bank, governs 1.34 per cent of NLB.

They are also the largest single division of the NLB shares that the state is selling on Ljubljana Stock Exchange. As we know, the largest private partner of NLB is a US company Brandes Investment Partners, who purchased a 7.6% departmental portfolio on Stock Exchange London.


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NLB shares are not bought unidentified Slovak Crots and Tecoons, overseas foreign funds #video




Croatia's assets are committed to NLB, the rest of the Slovenian at the door

In both Cròiteach pension assets they do not forget that they are happier than their work. Board board chairman PBZ CO Dubravko Štimac to highlight its & # 39; First day with shares that "looked good" almost 1.5 million euros.

"The price of the NLB is low and its bank has the potential to grow. We expect to create around 200 million euros this year's profit and as a result of a seven-percent share of the prize," he said Jutarnji list every day Petar Vlaić, Head of Erste Plavi.

"The price of NLB was low and the bank could grow," said Pette Vlaić of Erste Plavi.

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Although Croatia's funds are already looking forward to profits, Slovenian people can not.

At the beginning of the month, at, it was reported that the largest home pension assets were not allowed to participate in NLB prioritization. The ban on buying a comment on all operators with at least one fifth of the country's ownership. These include Zavarovalnica Triglav companies, Modra zavarovalnica, Kapitalska družba (Kad), Sava insurance agency …

Although NLB shares can now be purchased and sold on the stock exchange, they can not be built in public disclosure. At that time, 51.5 had to be issued for a specific division. One-time single exchange rate was held at 56 euros.

Who did not want home pensioners in NLB?

The story of the double criteria for Slovene and abroad, in this case, Crocal pension assets, has several dimensions. The first one in connection with lost employment.

We are already saying that Slovene funding was banned from a Security Market Group (A Market Market), a capital market regulator. In this regard, she described the Pension and Disability Insurance Act (ZPIZ-2) since 2012. He says that companies with at least one fifth of the country's ownership can not buy NLB in The public sale, because at that time b> He is the only owner of the banks.

Miloš Čas, Director of the ATVP

Miloš Čas, Director of the ATVP
Photograph: ATVP

This is a legal provision that is converted from the Commercial Finance and Investment Finance (ZISDU-2). With that the state at the end of 2011 wanted to maintain protection in both funding from their procedures and their methods. In NLB's trading issues, it had another impact: it was impossible for investors in pension funds to refurbish their reserves.

I know that domestic pension companies to take part in NLB's prioritization have been familiar for several months. Their delegates were present at exhibitions intended for investors. For this reason, a person from the country's state has not changed to the legislation that allows them to work together, I do not know.

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Just before the capital market Guard: You can not buy the NLB section!




Post Office & Croatia – once a member of companions

The second side is related to fairness in NLB. As is known, for now the state will maintain a 25% department and bank share. In addition to the shares of pension assets, we could still be a very strong property barrier, which can be really good for the sale of all the sections.

This option has now dropped into the water. The NLB ownership is therefore derived from the Cròite property, which, sometimes, is available as a tool for some other uses when they are; finishing pension funds.

A kind of supportive support of former Croeso pension assets Head of Chief Executive at Agrokor, Ivica Todorić, accept Mercator.

A kind of supportive support of former Croeso pension assets Head of Chief Executive at Agrokor, Ivica Todorić, accept Mercator.
Photograph: STA

Remember, in 2012 and 2013, Cròbach staff played an important role in the management of Agrokor on Mercator. He was a kind of supportive soldier; of the old head of the board Ivica TodorićSouth Westerly

With their help, Todorič continued the price of Mercator departments in the past and stressed the local salesman's partnership. Every time the talks were at the end of the dead, they stopped buying Mercator's parts and thus reduced their value. Prior to their construction, Mercator departments were re-purchased and Agrokor agreed to approve the sale in advance.

Property, full money, and purchase Slovenianis department

In the same way, they noted the ownership of Adris Grupo Before Vlahovic in Savi Re.

Ante Vlahović, the largest owner of the Adris Group

Ante Vlahović, the largest owner of the Adris Group
Picture: Matej Povše

Although many of the Slovene pension assets are bound to invest in financial markets, because they need to go to; promises a level of return to attack her; Most policy makers, who do a lot of money; Investing in government bonds, Proat investment funds have large resources. In Croatia, additional pension insurance is essential.

In recent years, additional investment has been made in Slovakia, and the loss cover created by Agrokor's financial fall. They received great support in Krka, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Gorenje, Petroleum … The PBZ CO funds only payments paid by Zavarovalnica Triglav to date, it has been approximately 16 million euros.

The NLB proposal has a good share of the property owned by a Croatian bank

But the third side should be noted here. PBZ CO, which is one of NLB's most significant owners, is run by the Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) and the largest Croatian insurance company Croatia osiguranje. PBZ is one of the two Croft banks, who want to register 25-year contracts against the NLB foreign currency investments with Crò free.

As a reminder, money over money investments related to foreign money was a key factor for the diversity of the last year in NLB prioritization, then resign the Finance Minister Mateja Vraničar ErmanSouth Westerly


Photograph: STA

This year, the management partnership decides to comply with a law under which the duties from those actions will be paid by the law; Asset Ownership Fund, which can issue the bill to this state. The total value of the applications submitted by PBZ and Zagrebačka bank against NLB and Ljubljanska banka (LB), including interest, and & # 39; going to 167 million euros.

It is PBZ in its & # 39; Bank, in 2015, after the first case he received, The first acceptance of NLB property in Croatia, even though this was against several international agreements and actions. By doing this, PBZ launched a series of launches that led Slovenia to be a boost in sales, resulting in a lower sales price of the NLB sector.

The same PBZ is now a joint proprietor of its property, which is a. good success with NLB shares.

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