Calum Turnbull on the decision of Australia which banned Huawei and ZTE from China


In 5G networks, the emphasis is on software other than hardware. This means that a supplier of equipment, or even a third-party negativity trader that is able to access, can have a clearer view of what is going on within the network – such as a charity. T monitoring data movements, locating the sites of cell phone users or using chat menus.

“Now, the company, the only body that makes up, maintains, receives regular access, has great potential, if they so choose, to have an adverse impact. your interest, "said Turnbull, about companies selling 5G equipment needed to build the fast-moving network.

"No-one is recommending that Huawei would do that, indeed I'm not. I love the company," he said. “However, it is also possible to put in a long time. "A wish to change in heart beat, so you need to go to the rescue and the risk he can change over the coming years," said Turnbull.

While Huawei has had a great deal of success ahead of the 5G race – still at an advanced stage – the company is afraid of ensuring that their technology has allowed the in-house technology to be introduced. T Chinese through the fast-moving networks. In addition to Australia, other countries include the United States, New Zealand and Japan have hindered the company from participating in 5G development within their borders.

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