Cam Abbott takes the screen in the Rögle game against Malmö


of itMichael Wagner

Derby and important players are in danger.

Then he burnt a lot between Malmö and Rögle.

Matt Carey was sentenced to matchmaker, Cam Abbott coach "stole" television screen and Redhawks with 3–0 showed the best in Skåne.

Skånederby, 12,600 spectators on the site in Malmö Arena, and a seat just to the finals in the fourth place took the opportunity to play at the playoffs before the playoffs even started.

Max Görtz burnt from Malmö and he could spot early when Rögle didn't get the pick-up.

The target is 1–0 after 1.20 Görtz 100th SHL score, and after the first time the score was in spite of great pressure from Rögle, Malmöforwarden gave the definition for her new roof in the games. more recently.

– I lose or nearly six kilos. I have a big difference between how I was at the moment. I can do a lot more. I said faster and faster, Görtz told CMore.

Four foods at short periods made for Rögle a second time.

In games, five against four, Redhawks grew to 2–0 (28.56) through Marcus Björk.

Rögle was put under pressure and got even harder.

With 3.54 left of the second season, guests Career Matt Carey made a big contribution to the Carl-Johan Lerby playing outside Malmö box.

A number of fighting

Attacking a huge attack, including the MIF and head row of a MIF player living on the ice for a long time.

A number of fighting broke out when the Malmö players faced the way.

Carey was given a match penalty, 2 + 2 minutes, and the knoll was even higher for Rögle.

– I don't think the campaign is really ugly now. It's hard and powerful and the sad thing is that the Carl-Johan Lerby is badly put down, says CMore expert Niklas Wikegård.

After a while, Lerby came into contact with the herring but the game itself was worse with several other breakages as a result.

The hero of Marcus Björk said about dealing with a team with Lerby:

– I think this is ugly. I don't have Lerby with me and I think he (Carey) is moving towards his head's attack too. It's a useless attempt, says Björk to CMore.

"Take your snotty dogs!"

The terror arose when Rögle announced that he had been punished when Simon Ryfors was injured in an innocent situation at the end of the period.

When the time came to an end and Niklas Wikegård, by rinkside, asked to look at his television penalty situation, stole the son of Rögletrainer Cam Abbott the screen from a CMore expert and screamed On the judges it is necessary to declare the law of justice.

– He (Abbott) has all sorts of luxury material here! Wikegård says. He is angry as a fool that he is a punishment.

– And I can agree, Wikegård says when he got back the TV screen and saw the next match.

The final captain got an appropriate surname, symbolic of ruby. Malmöforwarden Henrik Hetta was cut in front of Rögleback and the final score was 3-0pm behind Justin Pogge after 53.04.

Fine finish

The effect for Malmö means that Redhawks can reach sixth place, gaining extra rest days and step into fourth quarter games.

But then, on Tuesday night, Malmö needs the help of – Rögle, who meets Skellefteå-live.

Malmö then meets in the final of the house at Örebro, which attempts to hold the final seats to the eighth rounds.

Then the SHL is played and the certificate for SHL is played 00:50

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