Camas says they will increase their deposits in a US band through September


GCC deposits rise in US Treasuries and Treasuries every month in the last September By 2.45% To reach 292,026 billion dollars, compared to 285.574 billion dollars in August before.

The largest investment in Saudi Arabia grew in US bonds and bonds 3.9 per cent to $ 176.1 billion in September last year, compared to $ 169.5 billion in August, according to data from the Department of the Finance.

The UAE investments in EPA have risen to $ 60 billion from $ 59 billion in August.

Kuwait investments grew from $ 42.9 billion to $ 43.8 billion in September.

Although Qatar's deposits fell in these bonds in September to $ 1.27 billion, compared to $ 1.34 billion in August.

Oman's investment fell into these bonds to around $ 10.85 billion at the end of September compared to $ 11.38 billion in August.

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