Came: Renault Clio 5!


The French exhibition has released images of external information and the first technology of the new generation, the fifth generation, now the best subcompact car in Europe.

Renault enters New Clio, Its name has expanded more competition in one of the most advanced self-employed regions on European trity.

The opponents face Clio 5 against the VW Polo or the Ford Fiesta, in the last few years there was also a generation of generations.

After releasing pictures of Clia Monday's new interior, Renault has now enabled us to know design within the " car.

At the first start, they will go to; Accepting normal information on the style, genre of the latest generation of the French model, including an everyday light in the shape of the letter "C".

Its front is a look more attentive than the previous ones, and Thanks to the hoods and the airbags on the stream.

The back of her car is a & # 39; Looking a bit warmer than before, thanks, amongst other things, to a high elevated upper elevation and the net of stop stop stopped, but also to a lower level than a car.

Renault says that the Clio is 5 mm longer than ever, it is always "ethereal" and is 30 mm lower, and its name was strengthened by aerodynamics to & # 39; car.

Despite the web of lesser size and height, according to the CMF-B reflective platform, there is a space inside its & # 39; car is well used, so there are more seats at the cabinets.

In addition, for a liter of 26 liters, the size of the truck is increased, thus there are 391 liters available for storage in the crane.

Renault also offers a new sports pack for customers RS Line, which is changing the GT's troublesome line. It's a funny cosmetic addiction on her & # 39; body, different tissue mask and 17-inch new wheel.

The new Clio is available in 10 colors outdoors, including the new ones – Valencia Orange and Celadon Blue (shown in the pictures).

The new Renault new generation has also made a great deal in, you could sit on on Monday in separate textSouth Westerly

Renault has not yet released information on the new Clia movement, and information on power units, as well as other details in the coming weeks, will be the world's world for the beginning of its & # 39 ; March and the car showroom at Eneve.

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