Cameroonian Actors Risk Death Cases after Controlling Fees


Ten Cameroonian divisional leaders who have been withdrawn from Nigeria earlier this year will be testing the next month on terrorist costs that could be done. death, one of their lawyer said after a court hearing Tuesday.

Among the accused is Julius Ayuk Tabe, leader of the Anglophone loose movement in the west of Cameroon to fight his / her. Breaking away from the largest main government in Francophone.

Hundreds of people, including battles, loose activists and Cameroonian security representatives, were killed in the past violence, and this has emerged as the most difficult security threat to the Chief Executive, Paul Biya, in power for 36 years.

"Ten proportions were brought against them, including terrorism, terrorism, divide, civil war and outrage," said lawyer Christopher Ndong to Reuters from After reading the costs at the military court of the Yaounde capital.

The test is expected to start on December 6, Ndong added.

Tabe and his fellow warriors were among the 47 Anglophone Camarons that were arrested in Nigeria and brought to Cameroon in January. The 37 suspects are still held by the authorities and are not stated, Ndong said.

The Chameroin government spokesman was not available for immediate notice.

He won a distant asthma attack in 2017 after blaming the government on peaceful campaigns with Anglophones, who complained that Most of the French are worried.

Growth of violence from both sides of the struggle this year, trying to solve the thousands of civilians in the Francophone areas.

Biya, who was re-elected to the seventh term in October, eventually released a month-long talk speech, demolish their arms or face the strength of the law.

Cameroon often exposes people to death, but they did not act in the years.

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