Camila Recabarren's daughter made Joaquín Méndez's messenger with the Association agreement


Camila Recabarren visit this Friday many thanks, where he talked about his relationship of love Joaquín Méndez.

Who surprised the set Isabella, a little girl who ran her model, when she entered the space, to the Argentine army, surrendered and packed by attachment.

Once they started to ask the girl what she was doing; think of Méndez, she said: "I find it beautiful and I love it", words that Joaquín moved to tears.

In that line, the panel emphasized that Camila did a great deal Complete the relationship of your daughter with her partner, although they finished over a year ago.

Against that, Recabarren said that Isabella speaks well on Méndez, and that he was in a position; gives a very detailed explanation every time he asked Joaquín: "I usually told him:" by Joaquín, we will go to it; We're going to be friends, but we're not going to kiss them But if you want, call him, let him see it& # 39; I never stopped that link between them. "

Remember that both of them started the pololeo when they were genuinely inside and, when they left the fire, They created a family among the three.

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