Can Alberta pull off a full-fledged Quebec tape?


Over the weekend, the old director of Wildrose, Brian Jean, asked Albertan to go with him in a bottle out of Quebec material.

The event was inspired by François Legault, a new person who keeps right on Quebec. At Montreal's Montreal meeting, Legault set any hope to revitalize Energy East's pipe energy saying "there is no social (for oil) value in Quebec".

Albertans correct Quebec has been trying to inspire Athabasca oil as long as they are. hitting their cars with petroleum from some of the worst ground systems. They are also right to have an independent advantage in Quebec from growing federal assets with Alberta oil money. These problems may be outside, perhaps the most richest way for a Quebec is to boost the ways in which it is a boycott.

Below is the quickest to play out of the best shops between Canada.

Quebec bought a lot of stuff from Alberta
According to the 2015 figures, Albertans cost $ 8.9 billion on products and services made by Quebec. Quebec, then bought $ 6.2 billion on goods and services from Alberta. This is done to a trade deficit of $ 2.7 billion, but it is still a means that there are up to two hundred percent of Alberta GDP, thanks to Quebec money. The largest single purchase in Quebec of Alberta's products in 2015 (the last year on which the data was available) was the $ 840.7 million spent on natural gas products. Quebecers travel a lot on WestJet, which is a great deal. They counted a lot for $ 142 million over Albertan's transport (Albertans, compared to $ 193.5 million and traveled to air companies in Quebec as Air Canada). Quebec seems to be like to Alberta plastics and business gases, buy more than $ 100 million annually. The point is that, if Alberta wants to be thrown down by the La Belle province, Quebec can make a lot of damage than just digging on a pipe line.

WestJet: a totally airless air conditioner since 1994.

The Canadian Press / Darryl Dyck

Insurance and banking services, by far, are the number of Quebec furniture bought by Albertans
After Fort McMurray's wild fires, he was one of the first people who had a great deal. letting into the bigger city killed the teams of Quebec's insurance application processes that were issued to work out how many cars and houses they would have to place. In 2015, Alberta spent $ 266 million on equipment insurance companies with Quebec. They spent $ 110 million on Quebec life insurance, and another $ 320 million on property insurance and liability. At the same time, Quebec's company services had a $ 519 million collection of Alberta. If Robert Notley, a leading Alberta, wanted to economically lose Quebec as soon as possible; as possible, the best way to do was; She's going to throw up irregular rules; Everyone could be protected from Quebec insurers. The movement began a torment of statements, but it would have to increase economic pain and certainly the National Assembly of Quebec (which would, since being honest, responded to doubled down the hatred of Alberta) would be aware. How the US president Trump is currently getting out, however, the wars of trade have been sold; beaten. Thousands of Albertans who have chosen their bank with a financial institution with Quebec making it so suited to their needs and budget. Some of the lowest wages and rents in Quebec, which mean they can be & # 39; Providing cheaper financial services than any other person in general. If Alberta has a sudden job, insurance insurance and banking taxes to Quebec, not how those dollars are going to live in Alberta. More likely, they would not just go to financial companies in Toronto or Vancouver, two places not particularly famous for their & love of Alberta's wealth industry.

The SunLife Financial building in the middle of Edmonton, Alberta, on January 13, 2012. When a destination is in Montreal, SunLife is now based in Toronto. None of these towns are in Alberta.

John Kucerak / Edmonton Journal

It is the thick passageway where this could be more sophisticated
If Alberta's rural consumers need to have an easy way to refuse money to Quebec, they should stop milk and eat cheese. Quebec bought £ 445 million of milk, cheese, butter and ice cream to Alberta in 2015. Alberta's dairy farmers are also producing these materials, but they still have a " They sell just about $ 275 million in their area. This inequality is in part by design. The Canadian milk supply management system is suitably suited for important milk interests in Quebec, and preventing Albertans from embodying American or American cheese; start their own dairy farms without suppressing more than millions in quota payments. However, with Quebec also affecting other food areas such as pig, syrups and excavations, Albertan had to refrain from themselves enough tasty food to make sure the diet was free from Quebec. This would include one of the most prominent stables in Canada: A Dance Dinner is made in Quebec, which is special in Quebec. And here again, in the position of any boycott that Quebec could suffer Alberta as bad as as they found it. Quebecers bought $ 803 million of Alberta cows in 2015 – around $ 100 per crew. They also bought $ 96 million of water with bottles and soft drinks in Alberta and $ 113 million of "Alberta food meals". Everything said that, if Quebec and Alberta want to work out the differences in the grocery corridor, it can not only end up aggressive salads that are very aggressive.

This should not be done more in a competitive setting.

Morris Lamont / London Free Press

Both sections will complete some of the digits; critical areas for each other
Goods such as oil and lumber are very inter-commercial: if one resource is ready, it's very easy to use. buy equivalent results from someone else. But there are a number of small, hard-to-do businesses that need Alberta and Quebec need apart. Quebecers will spend $ 24 million annually on "Alberta" management and instruction instruments. "Albertans buy $ 55 million annually on Quebec-made cures – Quebec, who bought $ 34 million in" steel plates made "from Alberta. Albertans are heavily dependent on Quebec's rewritten parts for cars, trucks, related and oil equipment, with the region of almost $ 400 million in sales for 2015. Quebec and Alberta have very different economies with lots of complementary materials for The sale of each other. If there was a trade between the two, the two of them would be left hanging for a complete dispute of certain non-straightforward (or cheap) items.

It's really hard to install it to Quebec? Stop smoking.
In 2015, Albertans added $ 182.8 million incredible "tobacco, cigar, tobacco and tobacco smoking" from Quebec. Imperial Tobacco is a Canadian chief in Montreal and possesses the features of Du Maurier, Pall Mall and Marlboro, among others. With around 560,000 people who smoke in Alberta, this is a means that everyone who has a Alberta smoking $ 327 per person per year ending in a Quebecer pocket. "There's no problem, I'll get my tobacco from the black market," you say. Very badly, all of those dungeons come from Quebec – sometimes from the Natural Nature stocks which helped to challenging against the East Power pipeline. Whatever the way you're pulling, from the perspective of the Quebec and Albertan economy using smoking, it is especially the same as Albertan with intense entertainment Cirque de Soleil.

There is a man in Edmonton Churchill Square who has to spend with businesses in Quebec.

Perry Mah / Edmonton Sun

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