Can not wait until it is too late & Singapore: The Wildlife Reserves can spread up breeding attempts for endangered species


SINGAPORE: Sù Singapore was filled with them during recent Deepavali public holidays as families were happy to come around the exhibitions. Visitors put pictures of the positive mice and their horns resting in the sunrise.

But only meters away at the zoo hospital, there were strong tensions about about twelve soldiers carried around a strange leopard. One lawyer monitored the level of anesthesia, which ensured that the cat 15kg meat was still split, long & Another was to analyze the sharp pearls.

Dr Abraham Mathew, a senior vet with Singapore Wildlife Reserves (WRS), pushed its turbulent by catheter a leopard urethra-tube catheter; carrying beard and semen through sin.

Leopard dubbed Night Safari

As well as using catheter, Dr Abraham Mathew (nice) and his team also used electroejaculation to remove sperm from the strange leopard Tripod. The strange leopard is always recognized by Dr Mathew and his team as a Tripod, because he has only three legs after an accident when he was young. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

Then, he traveled. Fill the leopard spirit of the vial; Few of three floods but it was enough for the team team technology of the Josephine Kawi team.

It would provide the vial for the laboratory that is nearby and to investigate the sperm through a microscope. Then the bee would be stored in tanks of fragile nitrics, to be used for subsequent research or even minor intotake if the need arisen.

The whole approach took approximately 40 minutes, but it could make a big difference to survive; species.

In addition to the strange leopard, there are other animals that are the same "vibrant appraisal" that includes the red panda, tapper and siamang – the three are listed as a danger to the red list of Union International Nature Conservancy (IUCN). So too, the big panda, along with the strange leopard, is listed as vulnerable.

Red Panda Red Safari

Cute but at risk: Red panda numbers are rapidly declining and there have been several conservation programs to help breed the species. (Picture: Marcus Mark Ramos)

The importance of the work of Dr. Mathew and his team can not be determined. "If we do not try to make such programs in zoos, we sometimes lose our animals," he said.


Dr Mathew, who has been working with WRS for nine years, also emphasizes the importance of the # 39; It was the team's accomplishment of the ways in which sperm and sperm gathering; artificial bacteria for different animals.

"If we do not try these techniques, if we do not get the right ways, when the time comes, it will be too late," he said.

"So we can not wait for the genre to disappear before we try to do something," he added the vice director for WRS's medical services.

Panda Red Breeding Screening

Karma is the red panda set under general anesthesia for this process. (Picture: Marcus Mark Ramos)

The collected sperm cells are stored in zoo cryobank and the semen may be useful even after the animal dies.

"We still have our genetic material and in time, if we get a woman of the same species, we can try to (insert) her seed into her," he said.

But Dr. Mathew maintains that the recyclating is voluntary – as a result of his & her; The process of replacing sperm cells from men into feminine breeding – usually with a natural breeding failure.

For the animals that tested breeding, he discovered that all species, except for the red panda and the giant panda, were successfully reconstructed in captivity at WRS.

Kai Kai

Kai Kai, the female male panda, is pregnant for just 24-36 hours per year. (Picture: Marcus Mark Ramos)

Where natural breeding has failed, such as the giant panda and the African lion, artificial whitening was made. Although this was unsuccessful, Dr Mathew said the team will continue to try to get some of the results.

& # 39; A & # 39; WRITING HOW TO KEEP A & # 39; PANDA CUR A & # 39; CURRENCY ON A & # 39; ONLY

Ms. Kawi, who was overseen by WRS for managing the team's efforts to go to # 39; watching the giant pandas, recognizing that there was a lot of interest from the Singapore citizen in the efforts to help them both – Jia Jia and Kai Kai – a feeling.

"I think it's nice because the public is worried but not (people) also understand how difficult it is to create pandas bigger because of our one-year-old window, "said Ms Kawi, who works with WRS for five years.

"So when I can try to explain how hard it is. But it's very good and every time they see me ask if a child's panda is on the way," said i.

Josephine WRS

MS Josephine Kawi will store samples of electricity in a nitric tank to keep them. (Photo: Jeremy Long)

The team does not get a small window but – 24 to 36 hours per annum – in which the giant Kai Kai panda is pregnant during the breeding season. During this time, usually from March to May, the team will gather a spirit of spirit from Jia Jia and try to Kai Kai.

The team has tried to complete the unsuccessful process four times, but he said. Miss Kawi said the team would continue to do so long. And the pandas are under the care of WRS.

Jia Jia

Jia Jia is a giant wild panda on a reed in the River Safari. (Picture: Marcus Mark Ramos)

"My fingers are going across each year. We've gotten yesterday from our big panda confirmation that a breeding system (Kai Kai) is in a very good condition. Her & # 39 ; look good, its way looks good, and every sperm we have collected from the man looks very good, "she said.

"There are still a few years here and so I'm very hopeful to get a baby from them before they leave."

Professor Mathew is more motivated – and that's why humans see more than just visitor attraction. See the sovereignty, he also said, "maintains insect species in the use of science and the type of art for keeping animals and breeding".


As Chuckie rescues the rescue, dentists use the chance to do a dental test. (Picture: Marcus Mark Ramos)

He also hoped that the public would be active and involved. Contribute to WRS conservation programs and other organizations.

"Because I think there's a lot going on, not only on our zoo, but in our area and around the world. There is so much effort to trying to preserve those animals for the future. "

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