Can resident lung cancer bubbles be replaced by blood tests?


A blood test one day can include biomass biofuels as a painless means of detecting lung cancer and regulating medicine, according to new research.

According to researchers, the test is as effective as bacterial biofuels in diagnosing small-scale lung cancer, largely the primary form of cancer.

Certainly certain

The so-called “liquid biotox” can also quickly identify acute shortage movements that respond to target drug technologies – which may stimulate the patient's life.

The new results include "a compelling argument to use the liquid biocides as the first choice of low-grade lung cancer testing," said lead researcher Dr t Vassiliki Papadimitrakopoulou. She is a professor of head and neck medical science at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

As the Houston team explained, if the CT scan includes lung cancer, it is usually asked to make facial patients. It is a costly, aggressive and dangerous way of treating patients and treating him personally.

Trying to get around these methods, many companies have been testing blood-based lung cancer. The new investigation is focused on one such test called the Guardant360, which was developed by Guardant Health, the company that funded the new study.

Blood tests such as Guardant360 are dependent on bloody blood marks in blood for clues about the attendance of the lungs and the best way to handle it.

In addition to the higher accuracy found in the new survey, the researchers said that blood test results could be turned around earlier than some biomass biomass.

Higher response rates

Although the results for a general biopsy usually took 15 days at the time of the process, the result was no more than a 9-day result of the biopsy.

That means the treatment could start earlier, with better outcomes, the researchers said.

The faster detection of genetic analysis is essential, the researchers have explained that 30% of lung cancer can be successfully treated by new gene devices. These drugs have higher levels of response than ordinary chemists.

For the survey, Papadimitrakopoulou and her Guardant360 used Guardant360 to identify mutant genes in blood near 300 patients.

In particular, the trials were targeted at seven "biomarker" samples in blood samples – identify a truly specific gene that could help identify sub-bills of lung cancer.

The Guardant360 exam was also looking for one soloist – known as the KRAS – that helps to get cancer patients' forecasts, says the research team.

The blood test appeared to be better than a standard finger biopsy. Although the biologist found the usual doctor of at least one predictor of lung cancer in 60 patients, the blood test in 89 patients showed the results.

Investigations limits

Drugs aimed at many of these barriers are already agreed by the lungs bureau with the US Food and Drug Administration, researchers said. T

Among more than 190 people have done No showing that one of the seven genetic biofuel devices, a test often being able to find the 'bi-media' prognostic KRAS, said the inspection team.

Again, the positive infectious testimony affected mammalian biotics: the Guardant360 test saw the KRAS biomarker in 92 patients, compared with 24 patients with a routine biopsy.

However, the new inspection was limited in two ways. First, the Guardant360 results did not compare with the results from genetically based biopsy analyzes. Second, the results are only related to the Guardant360 exam – not out of other biofuels out there.

One lung cancer scientist remained at the heart with the results.

“For years, we have been making biographies of interpretation, but over the last few years it has been recognized as moilecular & # 39; this is governed by [gene] changes, "said Dr Richard Lazzaro, chief of ear-surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

It is also known that cells of cancer can add DNA to the blood, he said.

Improved interpretation of the place

"If you are able to make judgments and deal with decisions and save time, that is without care for patient care," said Lazzaro.

Effective treatment, which will be delivered earlier following diagnosis, should improve survival, and said.

Already, biotic biofuels are commonly used in the form of bones of heavy relief, known as Lazzaro.

But maybe one day they are substituted for medical medicine and they may be better at the feeling, ”he said.

The results of the survey will be presented at the American Society for Cancer Research held in Atlanta. The results presented at medical meetings are usually considered as a starting point for the publisher of a peer-reviewed journal.

According to America's Society of America, lung cancer is still the only cancer sufferer as one in the United States, with nearly 143 000 deaths expected in 2019.

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