Can Xiaomi My 9 smartphones surrender to this new move?


Would you like to have your next Android smartphone similar to one of these images? One of these three concepts or approaches to the new game in 2019? Then, the next Xiaomi My 9 may be surprised, and & # 39; first level (main perspective) of about 10 models scheduled for this year.

Tired of the "notch"At the top of your phone screen? In 2019, we will begin to see a new solution or application, the screenshot screen for the camera to be built. It will be an interim solution for all the minds and causes to Can the industry put their own image sensors?

Xiaomi My 9 smartphone Android

We are dealing with three similar methods of operation; A concept of pregnant screen we have already started in some manufacturers such as Samsung and its "Infinity-O "However, it should be noted that the material presented here is by the photographer Ben Geskin, the person who is responsible for the Twitter account @VenyaGeskinSouth Westerly

The next Android smartphone from Xiaomi can follow this move

Geskin is proven to be a great assortment of conceptual and practical images of what might be in future mobile devices. Now, to rely on some of the most remarkable recent Xiaomi patents, on the content that has been posted. show this article.

In the first place we have a wonderful way. U Shape, we have two differences that can include face cameras as well as the individual senses. Despite this, this approach would divide the upper part of the screen in a manner.

Secondly, we have a more comprehensive format that can be made up of the Samsung Galaxy S10, one of the future competitors of the Xiaomi Mi 9. On personal notes, the This equity appears as an attractive factor, a & # 39; only gives him an idea if the smartphone is more than one front room.

Which is the best solution for the Xiaomi Mi 9?

Third, we have the most unique solutions. What I would like to see personally on the Xiaomi My 9 print phone as soon as it's going to be. throwing on the market. Here too, the site for two camera faces is for you self-behaviorYes No doubt, as well as every awareness like being close and clear.

Xiaomi My 9 smartphone Android

In all these solutions, we can locate a grid for your smartphone Android smartphone server, which can be seen here. What's bigger, we have sympathetic sympathy with all its banks or bezels in this conceptual design.

However, it is a straightforward design, even if it is based on a range of new patterns that have entered into. In addition, Xiaomi has used to use medium-sized materials similar to the & # 39; First Mi Mix and now, by 2019, it's not too foolish to consider smart Android phones that can use one of these three formats.

The future? We walked up to date without "notch "

As a decision, we are already moving to solve a new solution outside the case notch. See the Mi Mix 3 sliding structure, or even the camera spread of Life Strategies and Oppo. Not to describe the Android devices; cleared the face camera, everything to complete its design.

I still leave it with a beautiful look at the Xiaomi Mi 9 that is possible. Again, the information comes to us through this designer, Ben Geskin. He is already a well-known source with a good credit record in the field in which he works. Indeed, so far this may be the most accurate representation on the top of a Chinese maker.

Can the Xiaomi My 9 have a smart Android phone to use one of these three solutions? And if so, what do you think is the most attractive or attractive?

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