Can you get conversations from WhatsApp? with those funs!


If you've missed messages again, these games are for you.

Did you think you did not read the messages that you deleted your WhatsApp? If you considered that everything was lost and that it would not be your memory yet, you're wrong. Although there are some friends, it is best to delete it with a memory case in the cell. Let's try to get back what you would like to read again.

No certification for cell phones with Android system!

Option 1: ES File Explorer is available on Google Play

When you download it you must open the application, go to the SD chart and then to the WhatsApp database. That's where you can find "msgstore.db.crypt" file.

In this section you can see indexes where you can find the "MSGSTORE-yyyy..dd..db.crypt" files where the WhatsApp messages that were submitted and received in the week past. To open them you just need to have a simple text editor.

Option 2: FonePaw Android Recovery Data Software.

You need to connect your console phone to your computer. Once your computer has notified your phone you must select the WhatsApp option. Then WhatsApp files when the Software shows what type of files you want to recover.

When this is done, the Software will begin to scan all WhatsApp conversations. Once finished, you only need to select the messages you want to get back.

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However, although these activities are, the most comfortable ones are to create a backup copy. For this you need to go into the options section. Then in conversation and there you will find the preservation copy.

WhatsApp will make a daily security copy and from there the conversation or message will be sent; we solve it back. For this reason the application must be de-installed

You need to make the route: Settings / Applications / WhatsApp / Uninstall

When done, you must re-install the App from Google Play Play.

In this installation process, the system will Ask if you want to get old cards back and then you have to say.

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