Can you go to this airport?


At 5-foot-8, Eddie Santos is on average size, but on a great trip from Los Angeles to Washington, leaving a trip to the plane house and felt like Gulliver in Lilliputians.

It was very tight.

"You just need to turn his shoulder just to get in," he said. "It was uncomfortable."

Flier Melody Arganda was capable of an internal solution, but said that the area was so narrow and her oysters were brushed against the walls.

"Surely very hard," he resigned his teacher from Riverside, California. "If I was bigger, I would not be fit."

Ite has been an incredible game, with airlines trying to break passengers on so many planes. They have made smaller seats, a compression chamber and now, as Santos and Arganda have discovered a recent cross-country airplane, making the bathrooms so small and somewhat sized a & # 39; feel better.

Some of the most recent planes are sent by American, Delta and United companies, the bathrooms have a coach only 24 inches wide. For comparison, this is around the width of the average polishing machine or size of Kim Kardashian.

By comparison, the average potato pot is approximately 34 inches wide. The same as the stalls in the girls' rooms of the Reagan National Airport.

According to the maker, the new bathrooms provide enough space for a & # 39; Responding to six other travelers aboard.

Delta was the first one that introduced the smaller bathrooms in 2014, but the shift received more attention late last year when America started to expand, Using new jets equipped with small toilets. One spoke in June.

Joseph "Pep" Valdes, a Los Angeles, 5-foot-10 car park officer, has experience in his / her experience; Try to use the restaurant on an American flight that was made to Washington.

"If you're just one inches, I do not know how you would get there," he said. "I saw some people [on the flight] and wishing. South West "

Travelers and client groups have been pleased to be able to go to. Reducing personal space on planes for years, looking at the average seat, 18 inches wide, 18 inches wide, and the length between 35 inches to 31 inches was average – 28 inches on some aircrafts.

But bathrooms? Of course?

"With the move line in reducing personal space, this is just another reason for the airlines that deal with customers as profit points, not as people who are true, "said John Breyault, former president of the National Champions League. "I challenge any airline at any company that can change the baby diaper that relies on a two-foot dining room."

(Note: Attractive records are fitted in the small bathrooms. But a baby, baby and diaper bag would need to be moved in the area).

At 6-foot-1, Zach Guimond, a Iowa industrialist has become accustomed to being broken when traveling. But on a recent flight – he does not remember an airplane model – he got himself in such a small room, he had to stick to one side to do it; internal response

"It was not just enough room to go around, the roof was covered, and I could not even stand upright," he said . "It was really uncomfortable."

He pulled out his phone and sent out to his selfie. His head is square against one of the walls, a lump on his face.

Shirley Sosin, a California-based appointee, has a & # 39; remembering the old days of flying when he was there; You could put it on "in an airplane." Men could try. Things have changed, "she said.

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But this is true: The country's aircourse can only handle many airs per day, so airfield is the best thing to do – they have made ways to Find more passengers on each trip. It can be a few inches here and there's a big difference on the airline airplane.

Gary Weissel, Tronos Aviation Consulting's managing officer, estimated that aeronauticals like America could generate around $ 400,000 per annum in additional revenue for each added seating. Weissel was based on the usual use of jet and average fare.

The last fall, American-American notices for owners could earn an additional $ 500 million in 2021 by reforming 737-800 jets to 12 additional passengers and Airbus SE A321 planes for nine additional passengers.

According to, there are 737 MAX 8 Americans at 172 seats – 12 more than 737-800, which had 160. For those who keep track, there are two other strands. There were 118 seats at 7 United jets at 737-700, but it has the latest 737-800V3 jets 166. Translation: and that's more than 48 people. competition for additional sources.

It does not have an engineer to know that everybody needs to know; to sit seats from somewhere.

On her website, Rockwell Collins, a Iowa-based company that makes bathrooms for 737 Boeing, installing Spacewell's houses that provides space for six additional passengers.

All these things come as the average American thermal heat is extended.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Disease, the average American person has a £ 196 average weight – almost 30 more than it did in the 1960s. The average proportion of Americans is 166 – almost 19 more than it was in the 1960s.

In addition, almost 79 million Americans are obar – 35% of the population, and the 50% is expected to reach by 2030.

But you do not have to be too heavy so you can see the shelter when you go.

There is no general status for room size on single-seat planes, so the decision is largely left to the airlines and makers. However, an airplane with 60 or more seats does not have accessible space for people with disabilities who provide a wheelchair on board to allow them to have access to a 48 hour warning time. The chairs are designed to help passengers with disabilities access to the room of the ambulance – but not necessarily inside the house.

Alison McAfee, a Traveler for America spokeswoman, who represents some of the largest transport in the country, is accounted for by airline companies to billions to update their fleet and provide passengers – at all venues – more options.

Indeed, airlines have believed that today's planes are more transparent and more efficient with fuel, with wider broader bins and WiFi connections as soon as passengers can be & # 39; forget that they are damaging through the air 30,000 feet above the ground. Although many passengers have additional pay for connection or even to use the extra bins.

"In 2017 alone, $ 19.9 billion paid aviation companies to improve their product and users, including larger planes, larger bigger bins and a variety of resources what customers want when they travel, "said McAfee.

But what about the little bathrooms?

"The idea that airlines incorporating the expertise would normally fly in or to safeguard safety as an illegal priority," she said.

On United flights from Houston and Orlando, Zach Honig, a major editor for, a travel advice website, and watching travelers when they came from the toilets.

"They all seemed amazing," he said. Not just with her, he said, but with her & # 39; sink, it was so tasty that it was not possible to come out without being wet. He wrote the bathroom, Andrew later on his blog, "badly bad".

Maddie King, a United spokesperson, said that he was a "level business" in toilets at the latest 737s. Joshua Freed, a spokesman for American Airlines, said that his company is "not only and not only" in the size of the fire. Delta Air Lines refused to say how many of the planes were fitted with the small bathrooms, but they include jets that are available; away from National.

Everyone said they are not aware of passengers' complaints about the bathrooms. However, earlier this year, American Airlines aircraftsmen raised safety concerns about the smaller bathrooms with senior executive Doug Parker.

"We are sure to hear about it from passengers," said Jeffrey Ewing, a national security and security chairman for the Professional Flight Advisor Association, representing American airline attendants. "The bedrooms are very small. The sinks are small. They are not very comfortable."

Flyers from other unions have also raised concerns.

"The space saving & space saving & access issues have been created for passenger and size travelers and disabilities," said Taylor Garland, spokesman for the CWA Learners Association . "According to the adjustment, the dining room doors have the causes of passengers and crew reasons. We will continue to press companies to reduce these issues and to ensure that their All travelers. But this case deserves attention and needs to be addressed. "

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How much did bathrooms fit? Passengers will not comment on specific dimensions, and makers such as Boeing commented that the information is owned.

A spokesman for Rockwell Collins, a Iowa-based engineer-based company for Boeing 737, has also been blocked from a # 39; comment on the dimensions of a restaurant but its reporter guides to a website; company, which describes the benefits of the housing options.

Its advanced Spacewell device has to spread up to seven inches of cable space. " Passengers who are involved in installing the pubs can already reserve existing planes for "6 additional passengers in some of settings ", the web notes.

The company identified that the move to smaller toilets is slightly oriented with the increase in low cost behaviors such as Spirit and Allegiant that are in the same way. serving people who pay more attention to the price of comfort.

"How the industry continues to move to a wide-ranging travel model, so a variety of food options are needed," said Pam Tvrdy-Cleary, spokesman for Rockwell Collins.

Users' groups, however, have a fight back. They say that it is not just a cause of comfort but also safety to do; plane reduction – whether there are seats or bathrooms.

Last year's Flyer Rights Protection Fund petitioned a federal petitioning court to file a complaint to stop companies from sending them up to date. reduce the size of seats. Judge Patricia Millett of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia District rejected the request, but instructed the Force Air Administration to be able to; explains why there is a safety risk in smaller seats. The FAA responded over the summer saying that it is the responsibility of the airlines to determine the size of the appropriate seat, and it says that the case is a comfort, no safety .

As part of the FAA rewriting legislation agreed in September, FAA solicitors set out rules that set standards for the lowest seating size. Whatever the reason that makes it to a seat is more comfortable, however, it is not clear. Paul Hudson, president of Flyers Rights, is responsible for the petitioning body, which the FAA will not repeat before.

However, the Department of Transport Department's auditor, launched a survey to look at her; Changes in seat design may affect working practices to move away. The investigation comes to an application from Peter Peter deFazio, D-Ore., Who is likely to be the next chairman of the House Transport Committee when Democrats takes control of the room in January.

Weissel, the air advisor, said that reservations about the bathrooms did not insult your airfielders from trying to find new ways to add more situations. Too much money.

Add to this: Most of the public's & # 39; Fly is so often that people do not realize that the bathrooms are smaller. Even if they are, they do not feel they are careful, he said.

Maybe it's right. A personal place can be declining, but pleasure for travel is still strong.

Passengers for America said it is expected that there will be registered numbers of people who travel this holiday season.

And Transportation Security Administration officials are expecting a screen of more than 25 million passengers across the country between today and November 26 – a 5% increase over last year.

Breyault, of the National League of Consumers, said he believes that the demand is related to the economy rather than a better service.

"We live in a big country, and people have to travel all the time because they do not have much other choice right now."

Some of them may have enough booths and rooms equipped with elevated rooms. Honestly, the WiFi was flying the best thing he had ever seen, although he said it was not free. In terms of the dining room, it appears that only a & # 39; give a lot. He looks at the clear side.

After all, he said: "There's no way to get less unless they drop down the passengers."

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Susan Levine Washington Post added this report.

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