Canada: The Parliament goes to complete its & # 39; factory bike


Ottawa, November 27, 2018 (AFP) – Postal services are scheduled to return to normal Tuesday in Canada after the Synod issued a Monday controversial bill to terminate more than one month of factory strikes. trading online threat before the end of the year's holiday.

The high house was voting on London's night; leaving the text released by Liberal Government Justin Trudeau (53 favorable, 25 in opposition), after a weekend had been released; This step overnight with the House of Commons.

The "Royal Assignment" – a simplified case that changes the bill agreed by the two houses into the law – has been introduced in the evening, this law must come into effect Tuesday.

In a way, this law completes the different staffing strike of the Canadian Post parliamentary company, and Remove them after work after more than one month of touring and ordering them; intermediaries to attack the & # 39; social conflicts for both parties to get common ground.

If the last person has expired, the terms of the new agreement of new post-government employees will be put forward by the government.

"The decision to vote for a special (law) vote was not taken lightly," Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday on the post office. "For almost a year, we have done everything to encourage the two groups to negotiate an agreement and we endeavor both to come to an end."

Under the weight of the trading section according to the "Friday Fridays" and "Cyber ​​Monday" installment, and one Christmas month, the federal government was arranged last week to introduce a bill in an emergency to end his conflicts.

Email staff have been in & # 39; look at a "rotating strike" from October 22, which simultaneously impedes temporary delivery of postal delivery in a number of cities, and thousands of palaces; waiting to be betrayed and delivered throughout the country.

Viewing & # 39; This block, Canada's parapublic asked its stranger about 10 days back to return the country to the country.

The factor union requires that new answers be answered for the 30% increase in passive delivery, linked to the online trade explosion, which should be increased by supporting cannabis recreation in Canada. October 17.

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