Canada warns of the health hazards that eat human food Society


For some years, spending its & # 39; humanity (whether raw, cooking, crushing or capsule) has been a matter of debate and business in different countries. It is the people who protect this user – who are; on a special term parching parchism – keeping it up and down; help prevent disruption of postpartum, and # 39; Increase energy levels and promote brick milk production. In addition, they confirm that it is very common among different mammal species. The figures from the world entertain, from Tom Cruise to Kim Kardashian have been aware that this organic organ is included. There are even magazines. The spending is also encouraged in some sections of another dentistry.

On November 27, Canada went into the list of countries that warned of the dangers that are being exposed: "It is to eat herbs and not to eat it in a capsule, personal determination, but the knowledge must understand that there are risks to her and the child, just as there is no scientific evidence that there are benefits in spending, "said the Ministry of Health. They also provide a warning that a health risk may be associated with her; practice. "The biggest risk (for example, group B streptococci) is not a bacterial nature that is not related to viral pollution and infection (hepatitis, HIV, among others)," said the document. In this way, Canadian authorities agree with other countries and researchers from different academic institutions.

Canada does not allow any health products that contain human placenta. With a short search on the internet, a number of Canadian forums suggesting the use of this organg, as well as different pages (in towns such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal). offer support to make processes in a capsule. The average cost is to get the organs and convert it to 250 Canadians (about 165 euros). "Many minerals and hormone that add to their weight help to fight the signs of post-pains", said one of the sites- that website, even though it does not provide scientific documents to prove it.

Noémie Vanheuverzwijn, a spokesman for the Quebec Ministry of Social Services and Social Services, told this newspaper that changes and mothers can ask the food to be taken to hospitals, but he needs to write in a series of steps to reduce health risks. For example, use my defensive hands and make sure that the organg does not communicate with people who do not use protection or animals. The placenta can not be sold or brought to third parties. "In Quebec, these demands are remote. If they do not apply, placentas are treated as an" anatomical waste ", said Vanheuverzwijn. For her, Johanne Côté, commander of the command of the Quebec Women's Party, says that her center still has no official standing on her subject. As a result, the Ontario Public Health Association has asked for increased risk of disease to be distributed by more medical staff and residents in this area.

The certificates that are expressed in different media on the features that are described by many placentophysics. However, the scientific community is more likely to be effective in placebo, since the results have not been proven by the methodology of the mode and because they are in a position; including risks for health. An American Medical Association is not praising this practice, announcing an investigation from the Disease Control Centers and ban on that country on bacteria rupture. The British Association of Defendants and Generators have stated that their benefits do not know. In Australia, a section of the Medical Department Department of Health published in advance this warning of the potential dangers of human consumption.

Other studies, made by prestigious venues, will mark the same side. For example, experts from the University of Austria have decided that a hormone or productive substance in which the restaurant can not benefit after making the capsule. Then, a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Nevada concluded that there were no major differences between a group of women who gave pills with human spots and another man who was arresting a capsule with unexpected beef. Now the Canadian authorities are the ones who are. Together with those voices in terms of unsuccessful use over his characteristic character.

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