2 skipper caught in avalanche, snowmobiler who spent an outdoor night near Fernie, B.C.

Two captains were buried in sweeping and a snowman spent the night outside the path in two separate Sundays near Fernie, B.C.

In the first episode, Fernie and Search Rescue responded to 11:40 a.m. MST on Mt. Fernie in the East Kootenay area on the south east of B.C.

Liberans say that five people skip to the # 39; hill when riding was promoted over.

Two of the wings were captured and the funeral. One was able to find alone.

The second team got 15 minutes later at the top of a debris, just above Fairy Creek.

Three members arrived and rescued the skipper through a helicopter and a ship and drew the wing out.

The captain was taken to hospital in a bad state, according to B.C. Emergency Health Services.

Night outdoors

Later on in the afternoon, Fernie and Search Rescue reported a snowflake linked to a broken sled at Harvey Pass, a winter recreation area near Fernie.

Volunteers confirmed that it was too dangerous to go out because of the artificial causes and the night.

Fernie's Rescue and Rescue says that there is darkness and the danger of limiting members of the team to save a snowfighter to Monday morning. (Fernie Search and Rescue / Facebook)

The night spent the night. Two research and rescue technologies were first released on Monday to build.

The researcher says that the man was cold, but in a good shape. It was given to paralysis.

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