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2 wounded wound security guard at northern Edmonton bank

Two security guards were injured Thursday during a burst inside a bank in northern Edmonton.

The security officers delivered money to an ATM within Scotiabank at 8140 160th Ave. around 2 a.m. MT when a "spreadsach" machine was defeated, the police staff team in Edmonton said. Paul Czerwonka in an interview with CBC News.

There was a decision between a spectator and one of the guards, Czerwonka said.

The man was armed and fled the scene with "money in," he said.

The suspect is still living.

& Poor bad situation & # 39;

The guards, one and a woman who were employed by GardaWorld, were taken to hospital.

"The wounds were important, corporally, from what I see from the pictures," said Czerwonka.

"Indeed, her son and her old lady had a bad adverse effect, and perhaps her skull. I do not know how deeply she is wounded , but they are very important. "

At 6:30 a.m., a bomb unit and forensic researchers were on the way to the scene, Czerwonka said. It was asked to avoid the area's drivers.

"We do not even think that the bomb people have not yet done the search," said Czerwonka.

"I do not believe it was an accident. I think it was a device that meant that the guards would be made, did not respond to They could get hold of the money and run it. I think it was the intention.

"It's a very bad situation. We're still searching."

The police say that two security protections were giving money to an ATM when a barrier was entered into the bank. (David Bajer / CBC)

True, very high & # 39;

Kevin Uchman, who lives all over the street from a branch, said. Bank, that he and his wife were waking up as a winner with a war.

"The best way to tell me is how to collapse," said Uchman on Thursday morning.

"If you can think of the big truck guard trucks when they left their bins … it seemed like it was dropped from 20 feet.

"It was very, very high."

Initially, Uchman said he thought it was the machine that was in a loop hut that was in a position; bite rubbish bins at the nearby stripe center.

"I've gone off," he said.

Uchman and his wife went back to sleep, but when they woke up about an hour to let their dogs go out, the area was blown with her; police.

Uchman said that he has experts working at his bank and news about the move has gone to & # 39; feel good.

"For something like this to go out in your backpack, it was not quite unsuitable."

Edmonton north Scotiabank exploded two security protection. 0:23

In an email statement, GardaWorld's marketing and corporate affairs director, Isabelle Panelli, said a company is working with researchers.

"Our staff are now safe and in good hands," Panelli said in the statement. "We support our staff, their families and colleagues at their branch.

"GardaWorld's corporate security team works with local authorities [in] the search. & # 39; & # 39;

There was a great deal of police today on Thursday morning. Police failure was around her; a bank where GardaWorld's arm truck could be seen to park beside the front door.

Police responded to a similar case in September when a faster explosive device collapsed inside the RBC branch runner near 27th Avenue SW and 141st Street in Edmonton to the southwest.

Guards had just come to their bank to carry out their regular duties "when they put a high tapestry, but there was no money, the police said.

Police were cited to the scene about 2 a.m. after your ship went out inside this place in Scotiabank. (Lydia Neufield / CBC)

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