2019 Mazda3 opens with concept car style, wheel drive


What is it? It's probably one of the most attractive, hard-moving vehicles there, Mazda3 will be able to find it. come into the fourth generation of his cleansing, some circle drives, all wheel drive and car car-engine strategies – almost like Mazda would accept his / her; Kai concept and set the legal lights of a street and smaller wheels.

Why is it important? Today, most self-sufficiency businesses find themselves in a challenging setting. With its & # 39; move to crops, building trips and other facilities vehicles, some delete and disable; leaving cars correctly. Here you look, Ford and GM.

But obviously not Mazda. As Japan's aran-and-butter company, Mazda3 plays an important part in the Mazda line. Given, the CX-5 impacts on Mazda's sales recordings, but the Mazda3 is still a big deal of money – especially since it is in the top five best cars in Canada to so far this year. Unfortunately, Mazda has sold around 6 million of them since it was introduced 15 years ago as a 2004 model. Much of a few Mazda shingles have been traveling for a & # 39; least say.

As part of Mazda's job to really make more cars, Mazda3 2019 is definitely a & # 39; delivered. It is still available as a five-door backbone or four-door sediment, especially Mazda3 na Kai is light-light and a legal light. Although its stone appears to have been heard at a & # 39; First eye, it is clearly and largely defined, removing with such problems as character lines and boundaries. This is an elegant car.

Inside, it's a minimalism of its game name. There are high-end materials and two new inside pages are available: Greige, which is just what you think, and attack Burgundy, except for the tree. An 8.8-inch display, controlled by a knock on the center's consulates, which misunderstands – although the system itself is easier to use. There is a sound system of ordinary senior citizens, and a Bose 12-speaker system is available at a high level of high quality. Mazda Active Display Exhibition – a.k.a. a showcase, which will also continue for 2019.

As long as there is a concern about powertrains, the Mazda3 is the latest to a very good trick. New Mazda's 2.0-liter Skjactiv-X 2.0-liter store will be available. The first time in Mazda3 – in particular, the new engine uses both spark- and co-movement, which means that there is a higher consistency – a type of diesel engine, except that it is; runs on regular gasoline, translates to a better fuel economy and does not sacrifice to power, torque and response. The X generates 178 horse power and 164 lb.-ft. of torque The official figures of a fuel economy are still under cover, but Mazda says that we can expect 20 to 30 per cent improvement over the current, non-X, and equivalent diesel engines Skyactiv at # 39; at present.

And if you're not willing to commit new, new technology – at least, first – Mazda will provide updated versions of the Skyactiv 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5-liter Gas Exhaust engines , plus its 1.8LS diesel Skyactiv diesel North America does not see the diesel, and power figures for renewal 2.0 have not been detailed, but 2.5 is rated at 186 each and 186 lb.-ft. of torque Six-speed handwriting and auto-moving transitions – and for the first time, wheel drive – are available.

When does it come from? Official prices have not been announced but are still only, but it is expected that the non-X cars will sell in early 2019, and then Skyactiv-X later in the year.

Should you buy? The Mazda3 who was out of the car was already good: stylish, fun fun for driving and well-equipped. The new model is committed to being the same, and even to deal with the shortcomings of a car that is go out after rehabilitation. Mazda shows that improvement and improvement has been greatly enhanced due to many chassis tweaks – something of a live point with a & # 39; car that goes out. Probably some of the X's customers are currently selected – and we are not exposed, because the technology is very new – but it's an amazing tool piece and effective.

In other words, it's coming down here: Car or crossover? The latest Mazda3 is the attractive, stylish, packed packets that provide a good look, and they are. promise them to be created and used. The fact is that wheel drives are now available but just putting on a & # 39; cake. In fact, if there is no high level increase, which needs to crossover?

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