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46K without power as high winds, struggling to heavy snow P.E.I.

A winter storm generates power lines across P.E.I., and does not; get worse.

A winter storm warning continues to be realized for the entire continent, and the weather has dropped power to almost 46,000 Marine Electric users. Before 9 hours ranged between 5,000 and 11,000, but jumped to 36,000, and at 9:45 a.m., 46,000.

Both English and French school boards are on the island.

  • See full list of invitations on Storm Center.
  • Telephone your refunds 1-877-236-9350.

Civic civil service offices and UPEI have stopped opening. Holland College habitats are closed for the day.

The East King Community Center has opened a breeding center.

Northumberland Ferries has suspended the address for the day and the constraints are located on Ferguson Bridge, with winds on the Northumberland Strait which is located on the Northumberland Strait. enjoying almost 100 km / h. In consultation issued on Wednesday, the Electricity Bridge said a barrier was made up to 5 a.m. Friday.

The terms in Charlottetown are slushy and slippery. (Kevin Yarr / CBC)

Some of the airports at Charlottetown Airport are offset or delays.

RCMP in Queensshire gives warning to drivers to go to; caring, saying that there are several vehicles off the road in the Pleasant Valley area. The power was out in most Charlottetown at 8 a.m. Drivers should be aware that traffic lights are not working.

Drivers are also warned to power power lines. falling down. There is one statement of Route 2 in Summerside, between Drive East and Central Street, and another on Leary's O. Road in West Springfield.

Strong wind, heavy snow

CBC meteorologist, Jay Alba, said the storm was a big problem with this storm.

"The size of the snow is not too heavy – it is too heavy that it declines – but that snow is a real problem, and the heavy wet snow and strong winds are really a problem, "said Scotland.

Cathy Lowe took pictures of those poles down on Sherwood Road in Charlottetown on his way home from an evening shift. (Cathy Lowe / Facebook)

The sky is as strong as 100 kilograms per day, even even in the evening as well as 80 km / h.

Plowing distributors recite not only bad weather, but in the Counties of Prince and Queen there are lines of power on roads.

Line power power team on the road

Marine Electric has been reporting out of 3 a.m., and there are teams on the road since then.

The Hydro Electric spokesman Kim Griffin said it is helpful for people to phone and write; Given what they know about the damage they see, and especially about the winding energy lines.

B & B candle breakfast; Many of the Prince Islands Edward's Thursday morning. (Jessica Doria-Brown)

"Careers prefer to get them to us if we have other questions," said Griffin.

"[Downed power lines are] very important to us. They are likely to be treated immediately. We disseminate people as a matter of urgency, just until we get them to ensure that they are not strengthened and that no one can communicate with them. "

Griffin said that there is no statement at this time when power is brought back. Heavy snow and strong winds are poorly mixed to keep the electricity.

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