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5 Android apps that you should not miss this week! – Apps Android Weekly

This is the image on display for 277th Android Apps each week
Welcome to the 277 Android Apps Weekly Apps! Here are the latest news releases from the last week:

  • Google Help is moving right. In fact, Google expects to reach the same billion installment by the end of the month. That's up to around 500 million downloadable downloads from May 2018. This is going on a successful and successful process. an extension of help to 80 countries in 30 different languages ​​in 2018. Other fun numbers include a consensus with more than 10,000 devices and the number of users over four hours than it was at this stage last year. Good for you, Google Helper.
  • The TCL weather app is causing all kinds of problems at present. Initially, security investigations said that the app did data to a Chinese server, which included client settings, IMEI numbers, and more. TCL responded to the appointment of a third party security group to investigate its & # 39; case. In addition, TCL introduced the new app to remove all third-party SDKs. The company also states that the IMEI collection of users has been identified; because they wanted the data to be deleted. They have moved to an ID ID of Android instead of the IMEI. It's a bit rude. Click the link to learn more.
  • Google is expanding Chrome's rebuilding capabilities to more countries this year. Initially, the ban on the launch of Chrome 71 was reinstated in December 2018. However, it only worked in a few countries, including the USA, Canada, and the Europe. This should be changed by July 2019. Since then, the app will block all ads that are not compliant with the CBA, or Coalition for Better Ads, standards across the globe. Google says that the initiative has helped to promote websites to keep better practices.
  • Square Enix could finally launch a Final Fantasy mobile game in 2019. It's a digital card game; which features a number of characters and a complaint from the various Final Fantasy games. It's like a gacha-dueling game similar to something like Hearthstone, Red Squirrel, Badland Brawl, etc. You will characterize, & # 39; making wreaths, and then they sing with other players. It should launch on Yahoo Japan Game Plus sometime this year. We are not sure to expand it out there.
  • Google changes to the SMS permissions are continued by & # 39; Try the apps to end in the Play Store. The most recent victim, Cerberus, is one of the largest (and powerful) mere-phone applications. In general, the new permissions are able to disable the application for sending SMS messages to lost machine. One of the best features of Cerberus and one who has helped download apps is simpler as the Google & Find My Device app. This is not the first time this happened to Cerberus either. It's usually a & # 39; Google can also crash the call of a proclamation. Click the link to learn more.

If we missed a big Android app or any game this week, let us know in the comments! You can also click here to watch our CES 2019 broadcast!

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