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Welcome to 272nd editing of Android Apps! Here are the latest news releases from the last week:

  • Microsoft has big plans for Microsoft Edge. For beginners, EdgeHTML replaces the crromium that is much more popular. Microsoft says that the change helps them to spread more updates and make better cross-platform work. It's the good news that it could let bigger developments such as support for MacOSOS. However, it also means that Chrome has yet to encourage other initiatives. Opera also uses chrome as a basis for its operation. In any case, you can hit the link to learn more.
  • Google's chat apps have a very bad week. Google Hangouts is converting to similar conversation platforms such as Slack or Discord. The change should be by 2020. It was once or two or two away from an iMessage of Android and so it's an amazing change. Then Google declared a Google Allo conversation. Google moves many of the features to the Android message, a SMS app with RCS support. Google seems to believe that RCS will be the future. That's Google's two social platforms to break the bite in 2018 along with Spaces and Google+.
  • Epic Games had an interesting week. Fortnite got a new game feature. Creative mode is now creative and creative in Minecraft. In addition, a competitive company named Steam and Google Play Store. PC Epic Games Store PCs and mobile games are in the same place. This may be a big deal because there is no other resource that covers the two platforms. It's not really a bad idea as well as the number of indie games that get both PCs and mobile answers. We'll see how that goes.
  • Google Hummingbird officially published this week. The Hummingbird platform is a simple idea with a complex execution. It will allow developers to build one application that will; running on a variety of platforms, including iOS, the web, and Android. Typically, there is an all-in-one soft tool with one platform support with some features for a second. Hummingbird has the chance to be the first one of the kind as it will not be awful. Click the link for more information!
  • Google published its best elections for 2018 in the Google Play Store. There were many winners across a range of areas, including PUBG Mobile (the best ones and the best game), YouTube TV (the best ones), Avengers: Infinity War (your favorite) , Drops (best app), Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff (best book), 12 Rules of Life by Jordan B. Peterson (Best Audio Book), and The Walking Dead (the best television show). You can hit the link to view all the videos and watch them on Google Play!

Gorogoa is a new riddle game. It features elements similar to the Noodlecake Framed Games series. The game features several comic style panels that players play; organize and join together a full story. It displays hand-drawn graphics, a fun story line, and simple tools. The game itself is very fun to play. However, a real story here is animation and story carefully. Those who enjoy charming stories should be able to; enjoy the same thing. The game is just a short time, but most people are unlikely to be interesting. It runs for $ 4.99 without buying or advertising in-app. This is also from the same developer of Florence, a slice-life documentary game.

Yahoo Play is the latest application from, well, Yahoo. It's a pop culture app and there are tons of famous music, pop culture, and entertainment stuff. He also performs several other things. At its foundation, & # 39; It's a news app with news about the pop cultural scene. However, it also includes an original video series along with games and questionnaire games. It's really honest to do in this app. However, it suffers from pesticides and long periods of time. He definitely needs some work. This may be fun for those who enjoy entertaining, but we are going to have fun. recommend that you can wait a bit until Yahoo is a n; share the issues.


If we missed big Android apps or new games, updates or resolutions, let us know in the comments section below! Also, check out our weekly podcast here!

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