5 things to know about CTVNews.ca for Tuesday 11 December 2018: Tori Stafford, 911 calls, drug shortage


CTV information has been transferred to a central security jail of one of Tori Stafford's murderers, eight years old, about nine months ago. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Transfer of prison: Tori Stafford Family says they have been reluctant to do so, and protested that Terri-Lynne McClintic would be killed, to another fatal other native healing lodge , Michael Rafferty, has moved to prison midfielder safety.

2. shortage of drugs: A new survey found that 69 percent of Canadians are concerned about the shortage of drugs, and there are almost 1,700 around the country.

3. Russian Review: As the US President looks at increasing criminal studies, this is a Look at the people cared for by Robert Mueller's special advice and answering questions about the potential for Donald Trump.

4. Call to 911: The police of Ontario can remind parents to go to; talk to their children about what is a crisis after a nine-year-old girl who has 911 when her parents asked her to clean her room.

5. Limited puppies: Comann Daonnan Calgary wants to help public people to; find out who left two coupons in the Costco parking center this month.

Anything else …

Porch Pirates: Burning of a packet is rising across Canada because more people will be able to; turn to online retailers. You can do this way to keep your packs safe.

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