9 moved after the east fire

A woman was brought to hospital with serious injuries and a family of nine were extinguished after taking a fire in a bedroom in a room in the east of Ottawa.

Firefighters were called to a four-unit website, Birchmount Drive platforms after smoke reports at about 12:07 p.m. Saturday.

Four were evaluated by parachute at the time. A woman was injured as long as she was a & # 39; trying to leave the room and was brought to hospital with serious injuries related to smoke inhalation, the offenders said. The fire went out quickly, but there was a heavy smoke on the ground above.

A family of nine and a dog has been discharged and helped by the Canadian Red Cross and Army Salvation Army. All other residents in the building can return home, Ottawa's Fire Brigade in distribution.

The Ottawa fire inspector is sent to the furniture to determine the purpose of the fire.

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