A Alberta couple who opens a new test in human brain fever; die for taxation

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. – A couple opposed to another lawsuit in the death of genital fever, their son wants to have fallen offs and about $ 4 million from Alberta Justice.

David Stephan and his wife, Collet, were found guilty in 2016 without failing to comply with the life requirements of Ezekiel 19 months.

Their test was heard in Lethbridge, Alta. Evidence that they dealt with the boy with a garlic, an onion and a cascade to the doctor.

Finally, the Stephans had the name 911 but her casino died in hospital in 2012.

Last May, the Canadian High Court ordered a new lawsuit in the rule that his original trial judge did not " give legal advice to lawyers.

During the appearance of a Thursday court, couples set up bids to stay in the proceedings as well as an order to ask Alberta Justice up to $ 4 million to pay the court costs.

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