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A claim to prevent Joe Smyth has prevented a court of law

The judge in charge of the Newfound Police officer today disrupts Joe Smyth's emergency from a week and a half weeks to review an application with the defense to refuse the matter.

Judge Mike Madden says he will conclude his decision on January 21 at 9 a.m.

Day 3 of Smyth's trial began to move from Jerome Kennedy, Smyth lawyer, for a prescribed complaint – in particular, asking his judge to refuse the case.

Smyth Sayed Husaini took over in May 2017 and gave him four tickets, including one for running a red light & # 39; he was driving his motorcycle. Everything has been sent away.

Joe Smyth, right, looks straight forward as Sayed Husaini goes into the courtroom to prove Smyth's court on a lawsuit. (Mark Quinn / CBC)

The Alberta Accident Response Team (ASIRT) was a smith, and was charged in July 2018. Smyth was suspended off from then on.

Smyth is the only legal subject of legal investigation after the death and death of Don Dunphy, a keen worker in 2015 in Mitchells Brook. It was ruled that Smyth used "an appropriate force in self-defense" but also "showed specific critical errors and incapacity with aspects of his training."

Defense: not expected

Kennedy said it was clear that the ticket that Smyth issued out to Husaini was wrong – as video evidence showed that the light of the traffic light was green – there is no evidence that there are bad problems.

The Crown needs to show Smyth who is expecting to & # 39; worrying or hindering justice, arguing Kennedy.

"Where is the evidence that a resolution was to hamper justice?" He asked in court on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, Kennedy told the court that his client was involved in a month's trip before the traffic stopped at the center of the test.

Kennedy said he was involved in an orange motorcycle – similar to the one that Husaini had to drive in May – and Smyth continued on her. bicycle for 15 seconds before calling it off.

Kennedy said that Smythy wants all staff within the RNC to ask the officers to be in a position; watch for an orange motorcycle guitar.

Crown: indicating that delicious tickets constrain justice

But Attorney Solicitor, Lloyd Strickland, said there is a reason to go to # 39; believed that Smyth was expecting a wrong ticket, and how to prevent beautiful tickets to go to # 39; issue justice.

"[Smyth] Looking for this driver and his & # 39; The first time he met him, he writes a ticket that is; Introducing a terrible mistake, "said Strickland.

Still from the video that was played in court Tuesday. He shows Joe Smyth, a & # 39; center, and ASIRT inspector, Andrew Johnson, interviewed correctly. Jerome Kennedy, Smyth lawyer, is on the left. (ASIRT Video)

Smyth sat in the courtroom for the third day just, without giving any emotion.

The judge said on Wednesday if he refuses the demand for a managed case, the test will continue.

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