A new driving test that allows the police to administer breathalyzers without reasonable suspicion


RCMP K-Department has been suffering from Skt driving driver. Brent Robinson with an approved screen device used to test drivers for bad adverse effects on Monday, December 10, 2018 in Edmonton. Effective 18, 2018 Effectiveness of the police is able to detect driver for alcohol and drugs without any reason.

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Alberta New optimistic rules that allow them to ask for a samples of breath from any tractor that trigger them override drivers with drinking from getting on the road.

The essential alcohol screening that takes place on December 18 will mean that officers have the ability to pull each car with a breathalyzer mobile for screening.

RCMP traffic services survey. Gary Graham and Sgt. Brent Robinson, a experienced driving expert with the RCMP traffic unit, showed the Monday exam at headquarters K.

Graham said on December 1, RCMP officers participated in the National Driving Implementation Day. Out of the 11,895 vehicles inspected by the RCMP Alberta on that day, 23 taxes were demolished for adverse effects on alcohol and two were added for poor drugs.

"Problem driving is still one of the main causes of death and injury in Canada," said Graham. "It is said to be a compulsory alcohol screen that is considered one of the safety tools the most important public available to the police. "

He said the test was used in a number of countries, such as Australia and Ireland, and the results have been good. Ireland, for example, has reduced 40 per cent in driving taxes with alcohol problems in the last three years, something that has taken the program.

However, although the police support the program, others have some questions.

Kyla Lee, a criminal lawyer by Acumen Law in Vancouver, said she believes that the test is incredible because he breaks the section of the Charter of Freedom and Freedom of Canada which is a # 39; Protecting Canadians against unreasonable investigation and arrest.

"If the police need other causes of poor driving and only focus on the adverse effects of alcohol, it means that people are disturbed and arrested, "Lee said in a telephone interview Monday.

By law, the test result can allow the second, more advanced test policemen to request a validated screening device, which can be & # 39; including a sample of corporate climbing to test more for alcohol as well as drugs in the driver's system.

The secondary test produced by Part One of C-46 Bill, which made changes to the driving costs caused by drugs and alcohol problems in the Crime Code and other actions in June, the oral oral screening device, which can be used to move saliva from a driver and check it for drugs.

Lee said she feels that the police can not be able to test alcohol and not for drugs, because it is much easier to say if someone has been drunk above.

"We do not even know what is reasonably suspected (for drug driving) and it does not make sense that they keep the appropriate level to recognize what is harder."

For now, since the test can only detect alcohol in humans, it is the responsibility of the police if they believe that a driver may be on drugs.

Graham said everyone needs to take part in driving drunk and drug drivers off the street.

"We all have to work together, so everyone gets home safe."

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