A new media platform has been launched from Samsung in the first quarter of 2019 – BGR

2019 has already been making up for a busy year for Samsung, who has been in the & # 39; Provide hard-to-face responses that include everything from new phones with compact tools – and, according to a new report, expand its & # 39; Mid-Range Mid-Range tablet table-

Samsung Galaxy Tab A's new model seems to have been improved and could be very early in the & # 39; first season. Per 91 mobile phones, the 32GB record will start as a basic storage option, it will include black and gray color options, and we would also consider a concert at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or also at the 20th February event which is expected Samsung has released its Galaxy S10 series.

It is not yet clear that the Android 9 Pie chart out of its box, and there are other similar information there. For some context, the latest Samsung series came to the Galaxy Tab Tab It was a few months ago with the Galaxy Tab A 10.5, which offered a 10.5-inch display. packing 1,200 x 1,920 pixels. It was managed by Qualcomm processor at 450 octa-core Snapdragon and came with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal resources that could be extended up to 400GB.

When Samsung may display the new tablet, there is also a possibility to launch this at the March event. Samsung says the 5G exhibition of the Galaxy S10 is among other products.

The new tablet will definitely add to the cover that is; featured in the results of Samsung in the coming weeks and months but it is far from the most interesting. As we have been reporting here, we're just two months away from Samsung finally to showcase their payphone to the world, and # 39; generates a completely new fact to the mobile phone division that can either move Samsung's mobile attempts or land as a fill-in.

The company also expects that the three main Galaxy S10 models will be launched in the coming months, as well as an advanced model module for selected countries Work with 5-g networks in the next generation. In short, in other words, Samsung has a lot of hardware on the way.

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