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A person who stops a dealer from a bus station after going to # 39; Holding on her heart

Chris Fox,

Published Saturday, December 29, 2018 6:15 PM EST

Last updated Saturday, December 29, 2018 6:42 PM EST

The Peel police have allowed camera images to monitor a man who steals a defibrillator device from the GO bus stop at the Shopping Square One Center in Mississauga on Friday evening.

The policeman says that the person who was suspected of sending a reporter at his / her. 3:30 pm p.m. and advised them that a person in the park was in a heart attack and had to be movable outside of a broadleaf (AED).

It is said that the person sent the AED from the cabinet beside the ticket hut and left the building.

According to the metrolinx spokesman, Anne Marie Aikins, the robbery was not detected until the 911 messenger and his / her name indicated; First Respondent "spent a lot of time trying to find out problems."

"It's worrying us. One, it's a piece of expensive equipment that we need to quickly replace the place – it will save life and that station is -not without AED. Another important idea is that if it is used unsuitable to someone it can be dangerous. It is a great deal to disturb someone who stole that. "

Aikins said the cost of the stolen AED was about $ 1,500. She said one of the tools was stolen from the Bloor GO station in the summer.

"It's really astonishing that people would never think they were stuck AED," she said.

The police have referred to the human being as a white, uncooked and 25-year-old, white-haired white. It was finally seen to wear a white beanie with red, white-blue, white shoes and a gray coat.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the Department of Crime Investigation Bureau 12 (905) 453-2121 Section 1233.

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