A seaman announces he has started cannabis


A Town Council's decision to prevent private sales cannabis stores in the Sault will be taken on Monday, 14 January.

The continent has Jan. 22 is set up as the date for choosing to & # 39; taken out of private stores.

"It is an important decision that we are going to do," said Ward 5, Corey Gardi, who included a shift asking for a staff report on the case.

"I believe it is important that we have all the information to make a sensible decision," Gardi said.

Mayor Christian Provenzano said that he was the promoter promoter; there.

"This has risen from my conversations with some of you independently," said Provenzano.

"I had several councilors asking me and asking me about the type of information that will come, and what the decision is like."

"Councilor Gardi asked me and asked me similar questions I received from Councilor Hollingsworth and I received from Councilor Christian," said the factor.

"I suggested that we move to the agenda today. Because we just wanted to appear here in January and that staff had The report is delivered, and then all the information you are viewing does not have more time to go back and find the information you are looking for. "

"We need to make this decision at our first meeting in January. So today's opportunity is all in the context of his move Here, make sure that staff understand the information you are looking to, so you can make a right decision. "

"This move should not be considered as an election or movement movement. It is just a move to guide staff to ensure that they return the information we need to make a proper decision to do it, "said Provenzano.

Vote councilors tonight to guide their homeworkers to report back on:

  • How many private shops may be eligible to open in Sault Ste. Marie if the town does not miss it
  • where the private shops can be in the home if we do not; choose
  • what type of authority is there, if so, that a & # 39; town regulates the consumption of cannabis in public places

Adviser Ward 2, Luke Dufour, warned that all the information he did not ask would be available from the department.

"I am very comfortable by making my decision about choosing out with incomplete information because I believe that this is part of the point. You're inside or you're out, "said Dufour.

Ward 5, councilor Matthew Scott, said that the Township Prince has opted to sell sales cannabis.

The Alcohol and Gaming of Ontario Commission website features Tarbutt, Plummer as well as Baile a & # 39; North Shore has also done that.

Ward 1 Sandra Hollingsworth wanted to find out if the number of permissions was restricted.

Al Horsman, his home administrative chief executive, said the town could expect revenue from a higher level of government to related to the sale of cannabis, but it is not surprising.

"It's not big and it's not a share share of revenue. It's not just money that provides for special reasons," said the CAO.

Ward 2 councilor Lisa Vezeau-Allen asked colleagues to review the Calgary City sublaw that completes the consumption of cannabis to private buildings.

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