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A small child will lock his father's iPad for over 48 years

Someone who refuses to access your iPad for nearly 49 years is part of any relationship payer.

But a young child has been locked on his father's device, however, for 25 million minutes, he can be thankful for the empty blood family connections on their side.

Evan Osnos, writer for The New Yorker, he recently brought it to Twitter, flying to the world to continue to the world.

“Uh, it's alas, our iPad is today after it is 3 years of age to make an attempt (again and again) to write it.

* A stranger Kind allows a child to sleep as fat as he can relax
* Children's content with a chocolate biscuit as a car window for police to save
* Warning about buying reusable devices & locks;

Above the tape, a rather strange picture of the iPad lock screen displays the message, "an incomplete iPad" is followed, "try again in 25,536,442 minutes".

And in the form of a real social media came up.

"Do you still have the receipt for your 3 year old?"

"I say the exhibition of their 50th birthday is celebrated, but perhaps it will be sorted out once it in 2038."

"Designed expectation is getting to a great extent today."

"I always buy an new iPad when this happens to me."

Others may feel empathy.

"I feel ya. But my daughter only loved a mine for about 14 years."

Fortunately there is a solution, but you must remove all of the iPad of the data. It is better than being locked up for nearly five decades, we think.

Osnos gave an update on the iPad, which was saved leaking a long restriction in the same device as cryostasis.

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