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A woman was suffering from "Amoeba" Brain-eating "After using Pot Pot Neti correctly, doctors say

According to case study published in the # 39; International Journal of Infectious Diseases, A woman from Seattle died from amoeba eating a brain after using pots neti correctly. The study explained that a 69-year-old woman was turning to a pot to help with a # 39; allows symptoms of continuous sinus disease. However, instead of using quiet water or salt in the & # 39; phot net as it is directed, her female used the well of water that was run through her water crack.

If you are not familiar with netty pots, there are not many tea pots but they are filled with warm water, insert salt, and once & If the salt is pouring, you will do it; wax your head and pour it to & # 39; pot in one kilogram to allow water to clear the nasal sections and to come out on the other. This is called nasal irrigation or nasal tension, and it can help to relieve distress or any other issues. But because this water flows through the tight shades around your brain, web makers (and the FDA) have a & # 39; Only advising using cooked or skilled water for nasal irrigation, avoiding the risk of getting out to an otter with dangerous toys. In this case, that's just a & # 39; happened: its scarlet waterman used a waterfall, but it was still open to an amoeba that attacked the tools of her brain.

"After a month of using water that does not flow for unsuccessful nasal clothing, it develops a quarter-size red love on the right side of a nose bridge and a raw red skin at the nasal opening, and it was thought to be a rosacea, "said the inspection. A year later, a woman's arrest and a brain test later showed that "a fake improves his muscle to the right of the brain."

In a brain biopsy for the purpose of detecting the brain, detecting a doctor who was disturbing his / her; Ultimately is determined as amoeba eating brain. "When I was working on this woman, she had part of her brain about the size of blood cells in bloody blood," said Charles Cobbs, a cleaner at the Swedish Medical Center of Seattle, Seattle Times"The amoeba was just around the place just eating brain cells. We had no idea of ​​what happened, but when we got our own stuff, we thought that the both of them. "

Case study in & # 39; International Journal of Infectious Diseases says that it does not come to the conclusion that the web site is at risk, and the idea was created according to the history of his wife; using a nasal hydrological system. The water in the home was not proven for the amoeba.

If you do not know that the boiling water or hot water is recommended for nasal irrigation systems, you are not alone. (I've used tough water in my photo yesterday). There is foggy water and then gets it cool, or by. Using just opened water, usually the best way to use these pots. You need to add the saline or salt salt to the water before using it, however; so The Atlantic Recited, not only because unfriendly water is causing your nose to disturb, but there is also a quiet environment; preventing bacteria becoming dangerous.

Before you get out of your webpage, it is important to know that this type of biological disease is very rare; according to the Times, this is only the second issue of this ameba that is eating a brain in Seattle and its first death. Overall, 109 cases were reported in the US between 1974 and 2016, although most cases due to poor soil that are infected with amoeba are considered to be called balamuthia mandrillaris, not from net pots, according to a report published in September of the journal Infectious clinical diseasesPost-Although this story is completely confused, if you use your photos as directed, you should be right.

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