A young artist is trying to destroy Epic Games to design it for its skin;

A post on Twitter attracted yesterday when young artist Devy Ramirez stole the Epic name.

A tweet by another artist DJShadow_TV was built by the community and is currently owned by over 16,000 people.

As you can see from the Facebook post, the two illustrations are quite similar, from the distinctive features of the character to the colors the photographer chooses.

Here are some of the things that appear in both photographs: Horns, blue hair behind a red / yellow header, a white face, a red rope belt with a white knot on the knot, and a feathery design in the shoulder plates.

This is the first Facebook post from the artist with the Spanish translation below:

This is the translation of the two highest swords from Google Translate and two given by one readers (BlueLizard75) in the Twitter responses.

'Help: ((the dun brought out roughly the same as my burrito and now I can't use it to tell me to copy it)

JzjNJ has already died in my relationship x “d

If you are a “mind” who wants to like a whole fool getting better from this, they are timid: (

anyway, I didn't do it for Fortnite, but there's one character more than me, thousands, don't tell me that I'm what I'm appealing to? "

Essentially, she says that she copied her skin and that she is worried that she cannot use her own designs without saying that she has copied it from Epic. She also says that she did not design it for Fortnite or that she sent it to him at any time.

A question has been asked of the dates but many people have said they have seen the work before the design has always appeared in the game. DeviantArt seems to be back by this tweet: t

Although it is true that DeviantArt artists can change the changing roles, people in the previous comments attracted versions of her design where you can see the beginning of the picture pictured in your first Facebook post.

Forbes was one of the first sites to report these allegations and the reporter Forbes Erik Kain reached the Epic Games to try and find the views.

The Kain spokesperson responded: “We take this seriously and we are currently reviewing it. ”

Although Ramirez did not mention legal action in her first post, her opinion sections were filled by people asking her to go after the Epic Games in court.

Either whether it has a case or not regardless of the size of the copyright it protects when it sends forward designs to DeviantArt, and what type of design is 39 not a breach of copyright rights.

It is likely that our readers are familiar with the laws given by rappers / actors who are considering the Epic that they have stolen their dances. As we previously mentioned, copyright dancing These are very difficult because they will always affect another source.

Arts planning on the other hand is easier to identify the issue of copyright. Esports agent Ryan Morrison offers fradvised the artist bHe said that he would not consider this issue in a public forum.

This is a changing story and it is likely that we will get up-to-date information about how Epic is going on in the future.

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