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Actress & Hangover & # 39; and Comedian Brody Stevens Dies at 48 with Suicide

Comedian Brody Stevens has died by being killed at 48, according to TMZ Friday. Stevens was renowned for his constant comedy, short films in films such as "The Hangover" and "Date Date" as well as audience warming for exhibitions such as "Chelsea Lately."

Stevens has spoken openly about her mental health during her career, including a well-colored manic event after she stopped writing. bringing her mental health chemistry. Often he would add mental health into the comedy sketches and he praised the stigma; depressed with mental illness. He said in a podcast program, "The Mental Health Happy Hour":

When people are struggling to participate in their own partnership, suffering from mental illness, or people who like people who do not understand what the person is experiencing; passing through, they are not suffering from mental illness, with mental illness. … So that's all – that's all in addition to living with mental illnesses, and I just wanted – I just wanted to get it out because, Some people are feeling, & # 39; Oh, I do a big deal of case about doing something; living with mental illness. No, it's a furious pain; in the donkey at times. Very tough.

Co-workers and followers affected their death on Twitter and were in agreement with them.

If this news is difficult for you, you know that you are not alone – and there is help for people who experience self-esteem. You can phone the National way of suffering Bad Bad Luck 1-800-273-8255 or text "START" to 741-741South East Look here for a list of emergency locations around the world.

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