Afghanistan 11, a US Army and Taliban game, taken from the App Store

The war in Afghanistan has been expanded for a long 17 years. Anti-Taliban action on generations of US service users, today's ending of modern and historical controversy. Among the best ways to learn about that war is the strategic game at Slitherine Afghanistan 11South Westerly

Unfortunately, Apple has selected that title from the App Store. In an e-mail to Slitherine, software and hardware were called out for the game to show "a special government or a new identity as enemies." The game was held the same day.

Apple's decision, which has come over one year after its decision. game that was sold for iOS devices, to be grieved for its publishers.

"Historically rigorous is a key part of Slitherine and Matrix Games DNA," wrote Paulo Paglianti, public relations manager Slitherine, in an e-mail to Polygon. "We never thought of an enemy for a [ethnic] source. Our place [games] based on history and we will always try to show real historical situations. "

It is to do a & # 39; Even more rude to the conclusion is that the object of the game is not to be done; destroy enemy forces, but to provide strategic support for Afghan civil servants. Here is Paglianti:

Afghanistan 11 Perhaps the only wargame that was created ever before the enemy's killing is the main focus of its game. It is a real goal to play a joy and help the civilian people of Afghani, urging the local directors to support US soldiers and to sue Taliban landlords. In fact, the counter-insurgency engine works mainly in the arms strategy & Hearts and Minds & # 39; true: to kill the enemy that you give to any place, and to go to; build water supplies or disinfect minerals the way to & # 39; each situation and the overall campaign. Indeed, the main objective of the campaign is to build a strong and independent government in Afghanistan, leaving the country with the whole army.

Polygon has come out to Apple to give comments.

This is not the first time Apple has been chosen to take away a historic war from its shoreline. In 2015, the sales company chose to launch the Civil War games on the American flag of America. Titles mar Major General: Gettysburg finally restored.

It is not clear why Apple has been selected for a single game with US troops. and the Taliban. Other historic warriors who present the real battles still on the App Store include:

Afghanistan 11 is still available for other platforms, including Windows PC through Steam.

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