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AIDS Day of the World reveals light on a HIV treatment cover

1st of December celebrates World AIDS Day across the globe and London, Ont. a politician continues to & # 39; influencing continent to provide coverage for HIV prevention drugs.

AIDS is a day of the world that identifies the victims of AIDS and their. raising awareness of HIV distribution. The World Health Organization has nominated the year's theme for the 30th anniversary of the World AIDS Day as "recognition of status".

New Democrat MPP Terance Kernaghan is a LGBTQ Ontario affairs inspector. He hopes that his / her share will deliver global coverage for highly exposed drug trials, also known as PrEP.

"Healthcare is a big deal. When we look over Canada, the areas have a PrEP price cover, which spreads AIDS distribution and maintain low levels of disease, "said Kernaghan.

"Unfortunately, it is a drug that is not covered in Ontario."

PrEP is a daily pipe that is up to 99 percent which affects HIV stops.

The cost of the general form of the drug costs approximately $ 250 a month, and the name of a brand name, Truvada, is a & # 39; cost up to $ 1,000 a month. For some of the dangers of Ontarians, higher costs are maintained from being able to buy the medication.

A large section, around 30,000 people live with HIV, and 1 in 5 do not know they have their virus. The healthcare costs for each animal are estimated to be $ 250,000. Kernaghan says to cover the aggressive mind that she would have. Long-term departmental savings.

"We believe that people who have a medication that they need under a general medicine program, that people are healthier and that we can see a cost saving over the health department, "he said.

Kernaghan started campaigning for the continent to be at # 39; Investing in drug broadcasting in September, but until now no action has been carried out.

Alberta came to the medicine coverage that began on October 1, and # 39; Combine with six other areas that already provide cover.

In general, there were around 36.9 million people with HIV in 2017 and there were around 940,000 people who died from AIDS related illness.

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