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Alex Edler's future with the Canucks is now a face break

A free agent who could suspend trading for a date asset could only be requested, but to return to a free body

AlexLler's latest up-to-date NHL club is a problem or solution on revenue to Vancouver Canucks, along with those who are free of charge at the NHL date.

Canucks could just repeat the 32-year-old guardian. No, they could ask blueliner to be able to & # 39; Attending their license to & # 39; hold a non-commercial clause, secure large version or target date settlement and then offer a new contract to a group in a free organization.

The honor between the player and his / her company has always been there. However, it is not possible to express the important assets of trade – especially if you are real to rebuild – and that has not been taken into account.

Canucks general director, Jim Benning, said Monday that Edler is a face-breaker. Despite the consideration of the outside, there have been no contract debates because the Canucks must first do it.

"Internationally, we will meet this week with our hockey operating group and we will talk about something else and then to work on it, "said Benning. "We will look at all of our options. He has (Edler) been part of the organization for a long time and I know he wants to continue."

Then again, Edler needed to make sure that it is right for the organization by submitting the NTC to bring it back to the pipe.

"Can anyone replace what we are giving to our group?" Benning asked. "That's the debts we need. It has a good season and plays it as well as its last three or four years. It see the vision we've been experiencing & # 39 ; talk by writing well and the way we go down and he looks forward. "

The danger is that an opponent could get the Stanley Edler Cup at the time and then an attractive risk to keep him out of a cheap body. Access is similar to Edge's legitimacy to the license.

"If I can choose any team I wanted to choose today, there are no promises," said Edler. "It's a very competitive league and I think it's really interesting about the change here. We had a good team and it was rebuilt and we have Our way up. I think it would be good to be part of it.

"I like it here and I've been treated well and like a home."

Not only does Edler have a revival season, he has promised to become a bigger post when he left the countries of Henrik and Daniel Sedin. He overwhelmed a Oct. 24 slot sponge. and despite 15 games needed, it's a? Guardian Guardian with 19 points (4-15), fourth place in the league with 90 shows stopped in 30 games and it's a allowing a 23:13 senior team from time to time.

Edler has also been able to get his best attack season from 2011-12 when he got 49 points (11-38) and the top 3 times back with challenging years of light from the minus-39 in 2013-14.

"The team has been playing better and there is a lot to do," he said. "We play better as an organization and you play a lot better. I try to play the same way and I do not know what the difference is & However, but I think he has a lot to play better together.

"I have a lot more and long as the body is feeling well, I want to play as long as I can."

However, Edler also knows that he is a businessman. The NTC was not required to provide but recognizes that conversation is capable.

"Maybe it's not my decision, but we'll see how it goes," he said "I've been transcribed for the past year, as so it's a bit different. Whatever happens, I will deal with it. I do not always think about the different options that may happen. "

In the meantime, there is little doubt about the current and future value that Edler could hold.

Ben Hutton, Derrick Pouliot and Michael Del Zotto have completed contracts and Chris Tanev has another year on his contract. Quinn Hughes's promise is measured by Olli Juolevi who had last week's laptops and # 39; He might have a full season in the AHL for the game to be progressed. And nobody in Utica is designed to make the NHL jump next.

The reason is that despite how the background is a & # 39; shape up, it's suitable for Edler.

"We've been talking to Eddie from just about taking a horse, being an aggressive player as it was in years," said Canucks coach, Travis Green. "It seems to be very enthusiastic. And we talk about that well. If you're not passionate and you are not happy to come to the picnic, it is a hard connection for play.

"It seems like the competition and I enjoy a game. It's a big part of our team and has a special season. The best thing I've seen is play it in time. "



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