Asian stocks fall into Chinese trading data; expectations

Asian equities were at least 1% on Monday as data showed that China's exports were weak China's leading talks and trade in China; Watch the stock market last week in the US.

Nikkei Japan

NIK, -2.25%

lost through the middle of the session, falling 2.25% among a 0.4% reduction in the dollar against the yen.

China's exported exporters failed in November as global demand was weakened, and stressed Beijing ahead of trade talks with Washington.

Exports exchanged 5.4% over a year to $ 227.4 billion, a marked decrease from an increase of 12.6% a month earlier, Saturday custom data appeared. Export export 3% to $ 182.7 billion, sharp bridge from growth 20.3% in October.

That's adding to signs that slowdown in the world's second largest economy in the world is deeper when Chinese leaders are preparing for discussions with their customers; President Donald Trump over Beijing technology policy and other clothing.

There were weak funds throughout the area, with the help of a continued reduction in the result of a bond; Treasurys was 10 years down to 2.83%. Estimated stock of Australia

XJO, -2.17%

2% down, and Hong Kong's equity

HSI, -1.41%

was around 1.5%. Jakarta Company Index

JAKIDX, + 0.18%

doing a lot of things; better than the rest of Aisia, which just stretches 0.2% after being among those who, rise last week.

S & P 500

ESZ8, -0.79%

to be away from a phase level but still down 0.7%.

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