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Babcock: All guys are there & # 39; if the Maple Leafs development is trading

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Narratorist TSN Toronto Mark Masters to carry out daily checks with news and notes on the Maple Leafs, who worked at the Friday MasterCard Center.

Mike Babcock is not worried about getting a trading date; changing the editorial room in Toronto Maple Leafs.

"I'm not worried about our chemistry, to tell you the truth," said the coach. "We have a very good group, it seems that he is fond of each other, playing most of the nights and liking me to be this and everything, so that's not so worrying. I've been in a lot of trade opportunities and what I'm looking for is a lot of years if you are able to improve the team, all the men are there. They want you to improve the team, if you can. Now, it's a part for coaches and players, you need We're doing a part to take GM to help you. "

Babcock, who speaks daily to her; general manager Kyle Dubas, says that it is not easy to strengthen the timetable at this time of year.

"You would have to pay the value against the prize and you would have to assess the level of your team and where it is and what you can do to help the team," said e. "Just because you do not want a person may not be able to pay you and I think it's a kind of life like that."

Babcock in the time: & # 39; Because & # 39; If you want someone it does not mean you can pay it & # 39;

Mike Babcock, Maple Leafs computer commander, will talk about how it looks like it's. Previous trading date and the ability to improve the team.


For the first time of this season, the Leafs have lost three (0-2-1) and there may not be a decision that Mitch Marner, who is a Manage the team in scoring with 69 points in 60 games, having been held where the scores lost three of them the most extreme disaster during the season.

"I thought I had a good Mitch line (Thursday against her capital in Washington) and I thought of two games since Mitch was a great one in St. Louis and she thought I was really good at Vegas, "said Babcock.

John Tavares and Zach Hyman both of them have scored in the last two games and so the line has not gone quiet. Marner has shot 12 shots on the web through this three-game dry game and had taken glorious opportunities against the Priorities.

"Last night, if Mitch, instead of going to (Hyman) on the man, is thrown into the net, and on the second immediately, he threw it into the net, we do not Thinking about anything, "said Babcock. "They were creating a lot of crime last night, but the horse never went in … I thought he did a lot of good play- Last night and he looked very hard and did a lot of good things carefully. For me, I thought it was good. "


Nazem Kadri he did not participate in customs and it is expected that another game will be lost due to an emergency held on Tuesday in St. Louis.

Jake Gardiner, Who had logged in more than 22 minutes against the Priorities, also away from the Friday crack by Babcock saying "custody day." Jake Muzzin together Nikita Zaitsev long as long as they work & # 39; they are Justin Holl and Igor Ozhiganov are circulated Travis DermottSouth Westerly


Andreas Johnsson to the left by Auston Matthews and Kasperi Kapanen at Friday customs. It was taken to that place during the Thursday game as it was Patrick Marleau down to the third line.

"It's a great play," said Matthews, who helped Johnsson's third visit.

Johnsson stops a vocational senior post on net when he was lost to the priorities.

"He's playing a play so fast," said Matthews later. "He's thinking very quickly and he seems to get those fast muscles, and he's responding well, his hands and feet and everything . It seems that it moves 100 miles, but it seems that it seems to be down to it. "

What does Johnsson, who also played together with Matthews a little earlier this season, like to have a # 39; going up next to the 21-year center?

"It's so skilful and tough, so when you play with it, it will give you a time on the ice he has with or without the pocket," said Johnsson. "It's almost like you do not have to work so hard."

But Johnsson has been working hard for this opportunity. There was a seven-round election in 2013, and Johnsson slowly and certainly went on to the depths of the body. The Calder Cup MVP last year, Johnsson started the season in a Babcock dog house even being healthy in screening in a couple games. Now, it has emerged as the most prestigious left-hand in Toronto with 16 visits and 16 aids in 53 games; despite being aged less than 13 minutes each time.

"It's still alive so it's not done and done," said Babcock when he was asked about the recent Johnsson play. "He's on and he lives on and it's good to take it back."

Babcock loves to play skilled players with someone who gets their puck on them and Johnsson, who is just five footprints, has responded to his / her. bill and capable of ending.

"Players, many times, do not think that their size is going to go to these dirty places but he does and battles , "said Matthews.

What does Johnsson drive? Where will it prove?

"It's just, I want to win," he said. "It's been on everything. I'm feeling I can also do another sport, but the best sport will be hockey."

Johnsson, Matthews emerging as the latest lively two in Toronto

A selection of weeks is in 2013, and Andreas Johnsson has appeared as the best of Toronto's prestigious productions this season. He has 16 goals and 16 support although it is less than 13 minutes of ice hours for each game, but he should see more minutes out of his & # 39; part, especially if he is still playing by Auston Matthews. There are more than Mark Masters.


Lines at Fridays:


Lindholm- Gauthier-Ennis


Dermott-Holl / Ozhiganov



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