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Before T. rex became frightened, he was very distressed

  • Hatchling, four year old and adult models show us the new side of the famous predator.
  • They are part of it T. rex: Am Predator highest Exhibition scheduled from March 2019 to August 2020.
  • You may want to remove pets with the device. No.

There is no doubt that the adult is Tyrannosaurus Rex the fear of a rabbit, with a powerful bite causing the end of the passive to be at # 39; try from a daily force. In fact, many of us know about it T. rex Informative estimation is based on incomplete information. The American Natural History Museum of New York (AMNH) has a wealthy expert at the launch of an amazing project product. They have amazing models T. rex as a four-year solution, and an adult based on the latest footsteps and ideas. Their purpose is to make the most scientific arrangements ever T. rex as part of them T. rex: Am Predator highest Presentation runs from March 11, 2019 to August 9, 2020. It is the biggest surprise. in the fight: Who ever thought T. rex That may be so good, crazy-cute!

Latest fossil extracts

(AMNH / AMNH / R. Peterson)

As more fossils are found, we learn more about it Tyrannosauridea family. The first search of a dinosaur dinosaur, the Sinosauropteryx prima In 1996, we suggested that we would have been producing pictures of the ancient creatures, including T. rexcorrectly. Latest searches like this Yutyrannus huali just for strengthening this suspicion. In addition, archaeologists have begun to find Tyrannousaur's gift fossils, which allowed the team at AMNH, led by Mark Norell, to think carefully T. rex at three stages of life Last predator showcase.

Not everyone Tyrannosaurs it was T. rexes – There were several types of Tyrannosaur, and nothing else was so big. An Last predator the display includes a number of them, including Dilong paradoxusNext was the majority of size T. rex out as adults. All, however, were dangerous criminals – and the AMNH Exhibition exhibition will be displayed; Presenting new representations of different family members. Most of them Tyrannousaurs who were fast-running, compared to the young people and the adult T. rex, a slow moving device that moves slowly. (The cloth was running)

Experience rewards work

There is still a lot of insight, but between what is visible in the fossil record and what is now visible in T. rex living relatives, there is little doubt that experts are increasingly closer to the full understanding of those creatures; The last land disappeared 68 million years ago. Many of these family connections, including violent behavior and parental behavior and a variety of physical features, can be immersed in such a way as unknown. For example, fossil T. rex footprint is fairly similar to the emu today, although it is larger, so decisions can be made about their legs.

Speaking on skin, against her & # 39; that traditional faith T. rex skin seemed like contemporary or snake weaknesses, experts now believe that it was a leatherier cover; , like those at the bottom of a hen or a casket of turtle.

The new AMNH models show the latest theories for detailed details of their knowledge.

The laird T. rex

(AMNH / D. Finnin)

About 60% of T. rex Closets – about the size of the Turks – their birth date may not last. Growing the slip grew rapidly, however, about 140 not a month, but still got it until they were about 20 to reach full size. Experts believe that they are small swimmers with a lot of small teeth, needles. Like today's Komodo dragons, they may feed insects and lesser-sized ingredients before reaching them into their food.

T. rex was four years old

by the time T. rex About four, it was as big as others who did not;king TyrannosaursSouth West (AMNH says that this is about five times more of a four-year human boy.) He was very tall, with good teeth for slicing and cutting instead of breaking, especially the adult T. rexNext Post At this stage, T. rex they had a long weapon too – they believe they stopped. grow before they reach their size, and as a result they moved to the adolescent nature of the adult T. rexSouth Westerly

T. rex adults

(AMNH / D. Finnin)

Even shorter than before?

This is a bad boy (or daughter) who we know and is frightened, though there is likely to be more feather than fears; You could have been once. The monster was up to 40 feet long, and was between 11,000 and 15,500 pounds.

T. rex Banana shaped teeth and powerful messages could go down with 7,800 pounds of force – that is about the pressure of three cars. It was one of very few creatures; It has always been possible to crash and its & # 39; a prey bone dig. (30% -50% T. rex there are copiers, fossil poop, deep, broken bone).

If not enough, we know now T. rex was a real sense of game. Orange eyes were brought forward, like a falcon, and the situation was far enough apart T. rex vision was deep. A study of the brain excavations also proposes a special sense of smell and hearing.

The new exhibition of one of those nights has a showcase of a living floor.

The exhibition

If you're lucky enough to visit the AMNH for the T. rex: Am Predator highest Presentation, you will have access to close and personal – safely – by T. rexSouth Westerly

  • A vital model of adult life T. rex, filled with pieces of feathers.
  • There are several hit replicas, as well as being four years old T. rexSouth Westerly
  • "Muddy roar" gives visitors the opportunity to build their own T. rex roars by placing anxiety on related animals.
  • You can travel through an interactive Cretaceous environment.
  • Enter a "fossil" research center with all the devices that may require a paleontologist: CT scan, measuring devices, and microscope.

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