Blue Blue routes for Stroman trade, Sanchez look more vivid


LAS VEGAS – There are always a few posts in the public statements of football officers, especially when it comes to the future of players who can stand up for trade. At winter meetings, in particular, everything is said to highly recommend salt grain.

The key to searching is, however, how the conversation will change around a particular situation over time as shifts tell. And how the conversation talks about Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez has evolved from General Directors' Meetings for a month ago – since Ross Atkins said that "no one is Marcus more what we are doing, we value most "- a contract for one of them, at least, to show a lot more noticeable -bann.

Consider the Monday, when asked if other teams were going to start; Appreciating the two artists who usually started with the Blue Jays, Atkins responded: "I say that's fair."

"It's not in any way that they recommend that they are sold." Far from that, "he said. "As you begin to understand about the debates you receive, and what is done, or even to talk about a craft Comparatively, he will begin to make more feelings of ongoing discussions. These people do not appear to have a high move. We only need to listen to me if there is a way to improve their organization. "

That is a big change in tenor, and a rapidly changing market could easily accelerate the advancement of the front.

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This may have been the case of a lawsuit; in a six-year contract from Patrick Corbin, a six-year-old, from the Washington Nationals last week, which gave an important high-level choice from his / her; mixing and at the same time building the floor for the other cheaper, Dallas Keuchel clerk. Nathan Eovaldi, $ 68 million, has a four-year deal with Boston Red Sox also played outside play & best market.

Challenges that need influence now have been left for election between Keuchel, an old person such as J.A. Do not try to get one of Cleveland aces Corey Kluber or Trevor Bauer through trade. Everything is very expensive in dollars or if there is a capital expectancy that Stroman and Sanchez make, effective cost-effective talents are just a come into their highest two-year years on club control, and other interesting things.

"Atkins" said they have a "special interest", which made clear that the Blue Jays are deep enough out of the season to show that they have a legitimate interest in the their players.

"Now, it's just to confirm what interest it is," he said. "In terms of what he would (for the purpose of trading on Stroman or Sanchez), there is a solid equation and the talent will return. Then he is like he and she; responding to your needs. The short answer is that it would have to be a fair deal. It would mean that we get a talent that we are returning to be fair for the talent that would leave. That's not the case for any player. "

There is no business right now. But it is certain that there is a way of access to it.

There is no co-competitive group that has spoken to the Blue Jays who believe they are active; start-up buyers but they were listening actively, and another said that it was easy for them to see their selling off one of the right hand on the phone. this winter.

The challenge of any trading is that the Outer Hebrides are already very tight in the visit and have no horizontal arm due to rapid emergence from the system of the farms. They may spend the next few years to try to show the type of impact both already delivered at league level, and that is why attempts to expand too a & # 39; make sense.

Atkins did not offer much against that "out of respect for any compromise, being too public with that." But he noted that the expansion of a "two-way street" and "many of the parties are involved in a decision."

Its impact is; Stroman has gone to a rehearsal hearing in each of the last seasons, and Sanchez is represented by Scott Boras, who usually brings his players to market.

So, is it the idea, to be & # 39; Their trading is better than they have, even as they aim to have a & # 39; add more pitching.

Other news and notes collected when they were scratching Mandalay Bay and Casino Hotel:

The Blue Jays met with five groups – including Paul Cohen, proxy Troy Tulowtizki – and five teams to talk in their Delano hotel room at the Mandalay Bay tourism. After saying the week it was "unlikely" Tulowitzki could gradually exceed the average for 140 games, all Atkins have been offered on his / her; His short shortness is "in an interesting situation, it's a very physical feeling, he looks good, he's moving around well, so all the ultimate marks."

• The Jays Gorm have been engaging in catching, & # 39; including Russell Martin, who is going to cost $ 20 million in 2019. Competitive activity is a & # 39; believe that Martin's contract has moved quietly because she can play and help someone. The Blue Jays offer a lot of money back. "After trying to find out how good the Blue Islands are, and what is the age of 36, Atkins said," We would consider some opportunities if there was one for its move for talent that made sense to the organization. "It's the most important term for talent. If the blue lambs are going to want a lot of money, they want a little bit of backwards.

• An active competitor commented on Blue Jays closer to Ken Giles as "available." The hard-handed 14-a-14 handbag was made to save after he came to Houston as part of his return to Roberto Osuna and his two-year control remains. The market can not be developed so that some of its free sellers are on their market. coming off the table.

• Not surprisingly, Atkins said that the completion of the bullpen would be left later in the season because "we would like to be full of flexibility to find out what our chances have been coming forward because we are aggressive by loyalists. " The Blue Jays did a good job of replacing the season's season, and & # 39; Put Seunghwan Oh, John Axford and Tyler Clippard during the spring training.

• The Jays Gorm have two holes to complete their scoping department after they cost them a pair of valuable members. Chuck LaMar left a league captain for an expanded post by the San Diego Padres, and supporter Kevin Fox, who is responsible for choosing Kevin Pillar in the 32th version of 2011, a & # 39; joining the Seattle Maritimeers to work on the international side.

• Non-priority agent, president of Blue Jays and Head of Mark Shapiro. "Just give it time. What he is doing is going to work."

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