Blue Jays prioritizing progress by & # 39; Start sending in free group


LAS VEGAS – Compare the Blue Jays and the best staff in the game and it is clear that work is to be done in Toronto.

Astros and Dodgers have a higher talent and more depth, creating a degree for other teams to be able to; match them. The challenge facing the Jays Blue has never been questioned, so Ross Atkins's general manager has given all the things that sit close to her. shop away from his season.

That tour started last month by going to # 39; Get Trent Thornton from Houston for Aledmys Diaz. As the Winter Meetings started intensely at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and a Casino Monday, Atkins explained where his inquiry will come next time. Although the Blue Jays do not doubt that to expose some of its sensors; This winter, they are expecting a first-time shop for free beginners.

"We would like to be more flexible, or be full of flexibility to find out what our chances have to be coming back because we are aggressive by revenge, # 39; Atkins tells the media based in Toronto in the Blue Jays Monday afternoon.

It's Dallas Keuchel in his & her; The best main beginner is still available, but does not save its & # 39; market in the Atkins scene. Case in question: The Tidy agrees to sign up Tyson Ross for a year contract, $ 5.75 million.

It is believed to be Believe that they are depressed in Ross, and they endeavor to do so on other beginners in the & # 39; price. Mike Fiers, who has recently been offered by Athletics, including some of the Blue Jays's reasons for the editor's ability to save 3.56 ERAs, in 2018 out of her & # 39; Most walkers.

Moving up the free agent list, the Blue Jays reached Lance Lynn, the applicant back; left his case back, and it seems like a & # 39; This development market is in Las Vegas. Perhaps he would need a multi-year commitment, so J.A. Yes, the effectiveness and professionalism of a mixing mix.

The last time the Blue Isles signed Happ, they finished trading for Billy McKinney and Brandon Drury in the finest advantage market with the Yankees. But Atkins says that the Blue Jays do not think about things in the future while & # 39; And they will be studying a very voluntary start-up market this year.

"I do not expect that we will be raising someone for their trade," said Atkins. "We are looking to get people that help organize the better and if we (later) in a situation where the move is sensible, then considered We are looking for free agent agents with the aim of selling them, not where we are today. "

The Blue Jays also say they are not trying to trade Marcus Stroman or Aaron Sanchez. no matter what Atkins said as an "important" interest. Despite this, the Blue Jays obviously appear to be; think what he would do to sell his right hand, which is both under the control of a team through 2020.

Because it is unlikely that the Jays Blue will be incoming before Yusei Kikuchi 2020, 27, look like a remarkable amazing target. The Seibu Lions recently posted the job on the left, which means it's 30 days for himself and the agent Scott Boras to agree with the MLB team.

The Blue Jays have been doing their backdrop work on Kikuchi, which is rated as top number 3 in the highest. He lost a bad shoulder time in 2018, but the Blue Jays appear to be connected to Boras to see if it is appropriate.

One or two ways, the Blue Jays are expecting to put their staff closer to her; best game. In this winter, they have their shops; start in the way.

"We can make a league collection together with trimmed motions not to go into the free group," said Atkins. "We need to do a lot better than what we are and we will do. We will work hard to do that and we will improve it and create more depth there, but it's a good start. ; there. "

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