Braid: To Kenney, there's even a scandal that proves so much & # 39; the PROP is

PRC Chief Executive Jason Kenney

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Jason Kenney does not need to inspire the success of the United States Conservative Party into a trumpet. It will even be a & # 39; using coul allegations in fighting to name the parties.

Asked about these costs, arising from the name of the northeast name of Calgary, Kenney said it was a great political success rate; there.

Many people run for a lot of nominations and a portion of power in the air, you'll be able to. getting bad or two, right?

Kenney would get a treidel competition at the Hanukkah party. It is brilliant.

But his argument also happens to be true, in a general way. The average measure is not drawn to a four-year view against the face.

Kenney said the party's executive leader Janice Harrington investigated the allegations about being named north-east of Calgary. Legal and party advice is also involved.

"The sole control of the candidate has been removed," said Kenney.

Harrington does not speak, but we know that a & # 39; party costs for a while and they hoped they would be resolved without this public.

But the allegations went down in Thursday Postmedia. They came together with two evidence from people who claimed that entrepreneurs were coming in for their sake. winner, Peter Singh, and supported to vote at his appointment.

United States Conservative Party Calgary-East candidate Peter Singh is shown in a recent presentation with PCU to Postmedia on 6 December 2018. Solated / UCP

The NDP was very fast. Vice President Sarah Hoffman said that the police should investigate the case of one woman that she has used her credit card to purchase unpaid party membership. Hoffman named him a potential fraud.

In the messages, Roy Thompson and Scott Burrell say they have offered 20 per cent of them for work done at a Singh shop, or $ 75 in money, in which they vote.

The two men said they refused. Thomson, when he was coming to the hall on a night, announced that the same member had been successful in $ 100 and said that this is his last bid.

It is important to be aware that these costs are not validated. Also, in both cases the proposed bids made by Singh alone did not have been made but people did; Believing that it was his own campaigners.

Singh says something wrong with his campaign. He says that it's like red wine wine from named dealers. The party may not be surprised if all this is terminated in a & # 39; court.

From the party's perspective, those red wine are not just acidic – they are run. And they grow up just at the beginning of the very political season.

The legislation asked on Thursday, and # 39; Removing the route for a full-time political war to be chosen in spring.

Near the last minute, Calgary MLA Prab Gill, who eliminated the PCC caucus after finding a report that he sent ballots away to an application, he arrested another at the old party him.

He said that Kenney had used $ 40,000 in the PAC cash debt to attack Brian Jean in the PCU's leadership competition.

Gill also stated that he opposed his report by the judge of Ted Carruthers, was not guilty of taxes; vote.


Those people start to & # 39; giving their PC's reminiscences at the end of the year, spent the last six months of government travel, just to this difficult election night in 2015.

In the Calgary-East case, four of the five candidates who were in attendance; Sign in to a letter that claims that the Singh campaign is "fraudulent, fraud, incapacity and bribery."

Namers included Jamie Lall, who was part of the PC headquarters, and Andre Chabot, 10th Ward Advisor and major advocate.

They also gave names, addresses and telephone numbers about 150 people to the party they were applying to; offers turbines and other devices.

The four who signed up to the company were in a position; worried about a bad job for their party and themselves.

"With this situation at the time of acquiring public knowledge, we do not want to be seen as a sympathy in this case."

They want Singh to be taken as a candidate for Calgary-East.

A few days later, all the information came in public.

Just as old.

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