Breaking: Tesla a & # 39; Enabling Modification Codes on European 3 Model Orders, But Thought


Published December 10, 2018
by Paul Fosse

10 December, 2018 le Paul Fosse

The Europeans have been waiting for almost 3 years to implement the Tesla Model 3s. The modal opening of the Wheal and Performance Modal 3 Modalities has recently been opened for European keepers. Tesla published the film to build below.

But Are You Using a Modification Code?

But an easy-to-use code of transit has not been used to get 6 months of free cash increase. When you want to use a regular connection as, it will take up a page that allows you to order Model S or X. But I was browsing Template Template Template Page 3 and a tweet is triggered for how to use a comment code! Clicking through the links, Ryan McCaffrey seems to have been outdated and given to fans on Twitter. In fact, we are happy to share the process with more of you.

Add Tesla by e-mail

E-mail [email protected] with the word "Referral" in the subject line. In your email address, enter the name and your contact information, the reserve number (starting with RN), and the transcript code you would like to to use it. Mine is paul92237 – or you can not use someone else. This is the way you use if you have already designed your Model 3, which is very suited to the Europeans to change Tesla's website options. Note that it can take Tesla a few days to update your order.


It may be a small benefit, but if others are </ p>; Get 6 months free of charge for free, you may also benefit from it and be "secure" to add the booting! Let me know in the ideas how it works to you if you are. Try this and enjoy your Model 3!

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