BROOKLYN NINE-NINE will totally output DIE in a & # 39; First Six Six Trailer

It was enough time; where we lost almost Distribution earlier this year, just for being saved by an amazing NBC swiftness. Starting in January, thirteen other programs will come from the show and they will get back to their favorites and very funny – a police group.

If there was any fear that the move to NBC would change or destroy the display, the following seasonal trainer should rest the following problems:

That is less than a search larger than a short one, which allows Jake Peralta to break out to be & # 39; John McClane is renowned for his colleagues (even casual!). It's foolish but awesome, and although there is no big screen quality, it's definitely a sense that NBC is a & # 39; It costs a bit of money, which makes sure for the future.

And, if you're not happy at the end, you can just try this one!

As Holt says, Distribution to hit the & # 39; National Broadcasting Corporation January 10. Be there!

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