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Parents against vaxxer keep “boiled parties” until their children get the often fatal virus instead of being immunized.

New York health officers are frightened – and angry – about the parties spreading in the city of Big Apple of Brooklyn.

“We are worried about families having an impact on the parties,” said New York City Health Commissioner, Dr Jim White said: t Oxiris Barbot, the commentators, emphasizes that “we are now living in a different world. ”

“There is a lot more people living with chronic diseases who live on cancer, so we don't want children or adults to notice the infamous outbreak of measles t on "measles parties".

It is said that parents encourage their children to not have money to get the virus together to help them with protection.

So far in New York, there are 285 cases of the disease – 246 of their children – who were at one time largely damaged. There were only two cases of measles in 2017 in N.Y.

But to date, the vast epidemic has been substantially restricted to Williamsburg and within its large Jewish Jewish community.

The city's health sector is doubling earlier on the conclusion that yeshivas and Williamsburg day care programs would be allowed if they did not fail students without restriction.

The measles, headache and rubella vaccine came under fire in a scientific paper by researcher Andrew Wakefield. He said the vaccine was linked to autism and thin diseases. His survey was triggered in 2010 but anti-vaxxers still think he was his sacred honor.

Health clinics in New York offer free vaccines in an attempt to prevent the problem. If New York fails to accept the offer, they will be waiting for $ 1,000 fine.

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